Rihanna’s Diamond Ball 2019 Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on September 13, 2019

The stars and such came out to sparkle and such for Rihanna’s big annual to-do. With a name like the diamond ball and a guest list of entertainers, models and a whole army of attention-seekers, the style brief is easy to remember: go big, go loud, go take a chunk out of that carpet.



2 Chainz

This is going to sound incredibly white of us, but we always kind of appreciate how much he tends to keep his jewelry well-coordinated. The weights, metals and proportions always come off like they were thought out well. Look at how all the chains fall within a narrow weight and width range, and how all the rings are the same proportions, with only one piece on his hand and one piece on his neck standing out as wildly different from the others. That’s either not accidental or he’s got really good styling instincts.



21 Savage in Saint Laurent

That is straight-up fabulous.



Cardi B in Georges Hobeika Couture

It kind looks like one of those crepe paper foldout decorations you’d put on a table for a baby shower, but it’s dramatic and pretty and she’s clearly feeling it. Personally, we think it would have had much more oomph in a rich color.




Cindy Bruna in Ramikadi Couture

We have been struck blind. Don’t worry. It’s happened before. We can touch type and we know once the shock of this tacky hideosity fades from our retinas, we should be good to go. We’re going to lie down and come back to this post in a couple of hours.



Ebonee Davis

We’re back! She’s naked!

On the one hand, it looks like she wrapped herself up in some sheer fabric and called it good. On the other hand, she wrapped it up into a semi- cute shape. Edit the volume on that sleeve and put on some underwear. Then you’ve got a look. Love the hair.




Karlie Kloss in Dior Couture

It would take a supermodel to make this formless frock work. And even then, she’s only managing it because of face, hair and jewelry.



Normani in J’Aton Couture

A little too twisty, foldy, asymmetric-y for us. She looks overwhelmed by it.



Paula Patton in Valentino

You know? This is loud and overdone and the embellishments sometimes feel haphazard. Plus the wrinkly sheer sleeves are doing her no favors. But despite all that, we have to say, we took a couple of minutes to consider it and we’re coming down on the side of loving it. You can’t beat this for richness and boldness.



Pharrell Williams and Helen Lasichanh (in Chanel)

She always does the heavy lifting for the both of them. The dress is a little odd but there’s very much a classical Egyptian undertone to it that we kind of wish she’d played up more in the styling. Get your Nefertiti on, we say.

And speaking of queens…



Rihanna in Givenchy Couture


More accurately: that’s a slightly goofy dress design made stunning by some very smart styling choices and the best possible person to wear it. Both the hair do and the shoes play with the colors, proportions and design elements of the skirt, making the entire look feel very cohesive and restrained. If we had one complaint, it’s the turtleneck. We can see the need for a high neckline here but we’d have liked something a little less bulky. Still, she looks amazing. Ri, you’ve been gone from the red carpet too long. We’re happy you’re making all kinds of crazy money, but we miss your fashion magic.





[Photo Credit: John Nacion/INSTARImages.com, Media Punch/Instarimages.com, Kristin Callahan/Ace Pictures/Instarimages.com]

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