Pop Style Opinionfest: T & Lo Explain it All For You

Posted on September 20, 2019

This week, we get all explainy on your asses. Then again, how is that different from any other week, darlings?

For instance, we explain a bit more as to why we had such vehement reactions to the Judy film even though we don’t consider ourselves fans of Judy Garland in any real way. It has a little something to do with cultural ownership and how white gays, even if they’re generations removed from Garland’s heyday, can’t help but feel she represents something about their identity.

We also explain why the Emmys red carpet of 2019 will be quite a bit different from the Emmys red carpets of a decade or so ago, when we first started covering them. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the concept of Peak TV and the ubiquity of social media have a lot to do with why stars like Natasha Lyonne, Phoebe Waller Bridge and Jodie Comer are bringing such distinct style to the land of television. But there are a bunch of other factors at play as well, which we will happily what? EXPLAIN to you.

We also explain a little about why the Shane Gillis Saturday Night Live hiring debacle was so awful. Not just the horrifying attempts to normalize the use of racial slurs, but the absolutely misguided and vaguely sort of insulting reasons why SNL screwed this one up so bad.

And have you seen this?





Because yes, we do have a few things to explain about it.





And finally, a little travelogue explaining our day of meetings in New York with our publisher and our plans for promoting our upcoming book. Shoutout to the booksellers: we would be honored to send you an advanced copy at your store if you drop us a line. More about that later, but you can find all the deets if you listen in.

And thank you once again for doing that, darlings! Listen in, we mean. Luvyameanit!


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