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PinCoco Beach Restaurant – Orient Beach, St. Martin

Ah, there it is. There’s everyone’s FRIDAY all sorted out. We just want to lay out on one of those padded benches and fall asleep in the shade, with the sound of the waves only a few steps away. But we’ve got a last-minute burst of pre-Met Gala red carpetry to show you today, so naptime will have to wait for us. You do it. You know you want to.


Eva Mendes Never Pictured Her Life at 50 — and Now She’s ‘Happy It’s Turning Out the Way It Is’
“I get to see my mom grow older. I get to see myself grow older. I get to see my kids grow up. I’m just so grateful to still be here,” says the actress and Skura Style co-owner.

Though she never imagined her life at 50, Eva Mendes is marching to the beat of her own drum—and she couldn’t be happier. “I don’t succumb to societal pressure. Whatever I want to do, I do,” says the actress, who shares daughters Esmeralda Amada, 9, and Amada Lee, 8, with Ryan Gosling. “I certainly didn’t think I’d have kids and be locked down. So I’m really happy that a certain man came into my life and made me change my mind about all that stuff.”


‘ABBA: Against The Odds’: Director James Rogan On Combatting Anglo-American “Snobbery” Against The Swedish Superstars On Eve Of 50th Eurovision Anniversary
Produced by Rogan Productions, ABBA: Against the Odds is a documentary first in that it has been funded by 14 broadcasters including the BBC, CW and Scandinavian networks to help take on the might of the streamers, organized under the auspices of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), which runs Eurovision. The 90-minuter will launch a week before the 50th anniversary of ABBA’s Eurovision Song contest victory in Brighton, England, which catapulted them to global superstardom with the song ‘Waterloo’.


How The Idea of You Created Solène’s Art Gallery
Production designer Amy Williams shares the secrets behind the art in the new romantic comedy—including how she and Anne Hathaway sourced the pivotal “Unclose Me” painting.

In The Idea of You, Anne Hathaway stars as Solène, a 40-year-old divorcée who runs her own art gallery. While her romance with boy band singer Hayes (Nicholas Galitzine) is the main draw of the film, the art in Solène’s gallery is critical to the plot—and tells its own subtle, yet important story.
“We worked really hard to make the art a focal point and make it authentic,” production designer Amy Williams tells Town & Country. “One thing I’m really proud of as a production designer is that I use real artists in almost all of my films. That’s hard to do these days with legal clearance, but it’s so important for shaping the character, what they have on their walls. When you see a boring abstract, it’s too safe of a choice. And I don’t like making safe choices. I like making daring choices!”


TikTok was right, coloured mascara does make every eye colour look brighter – here are my 7 top picks
Say goodbye to boring black

If you’re into wearing makeup then chances are you will have spent a considerable amount of time and money in finding the very best mascara for you. Whether it’s length, volume, definition, or curl that’s top of your priority list, there are plenty of brilliant formulations on the market that cater for every lash need. But while I have my personal go-to brands for smudge-free, fluttery lashes (both Benefit and Lancôme have impressively high-performing mascara formulations in my opinion) when it comes to the colour of my mascara I tend to stick to what I know—and that’s black.


The crochet skirt will be everywhere this summer — here’s how to wear the ’70s-inspired trend
The boho look is back in a big way.

We’re going back to the ’70s…with our wardrobes, at least. The crochet skirt, a favourite of the free-spirited decade, has reconfirmed its status as a fashion essential just in time for the upcoming warm weather. In fact, the boho style has come for dresses, trousers, swimsuits, and just about every other piece of clothing in your wardrobe.
So, how can you wear this skirt trend for summer 2024 in a way that feels fresh and modern?


Zendaya’s Met Gala dress ‘isn’t even made yet’ and the event’s only 3 days away
We’re on the edge of our seats.

“I haven’t seen Zendaya’s dress!” Roach told The New York Times during an interview published on May 2. “We’ve been on two press tours – Dune 2 and Challengers – and doing two Vogue covers. The dress isn’t even made. They won’t fit until Saturday.” Saturday, of course, is just two days ahead of the Met Gala.
To be fair, Roach and Zendaya have basically been serving Met Gala–worthy looks since February…at least, if this year’s theme had anything to do with science fiction or tennis.


16 possible reasons why you’re so damn bloated
In most cases it’s pretty harmless, but there are a few red flags to keep an eye out for.

There’s no mistaking that pressure-filled feeling in your gut that’s akin to swallowing a bowling ball. So why am I so bloated?
Most of us deal with bloating from time to time, and it’s usually no big deal. “Transient bloating on occasion can be totally normal,” says Elena Ivanina, DO, a gastroenterologist with Northwell Health Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City and founder of GutLove.
Still, it can also be super uncomfortable, so you’d probably rather avoid it – and that starts with figuring out what’s actually behind it. There are a bunch of common causes of bloating that could be the culprit, ranging from what you eat to certain health conditions to simply sitting too much.
Here are some possible reasons why you feel so damn bloated and what you can do to prevent the puffiness.


Why Sofía Vergara didn’t think it would be ‘fair’ to have a child with Joe Manganiello
“I didn’t think because of my career, the way I live my life, the way my marriage was, that it was fair to bring a kid to this world,” she told People.

It’s been less than a year since Sofía Vergara and Joe Manganiello announced that they planned to divorce after seven years of marriage, sharing in a statement that “Sofía and Joe have been growing apart for a while now and are taking some distance from each other to contemplate their future” and asking for privacy.
In the wake of the announcement, Vergara was vocal about the impetus behind their split: Manganiello wanted a baby, Vergara did not.


I stayed in a remote pink villa in South Africa with wild giraffes roaming the garden
Spoiler: The definition of holiday goals.

When my now-husband and I were planning our honeymoon in Africa, we knew that after a few days of safari in Zimbabwe we wanted to fly to South Africa.
We knew we wanted to visit the famous penguin beaches. We wanted to make it to the top of Table Mountain, and we wanted to stay at a couple of Cape Town’s most beloved hotels. What we didn’t know was that a search for some peace and seclusion during our time on the continent’s southernmost tip would lead us to a four-bedroom, pink villa on the country’s lesser-known Eastern Cape with only wild giraffes for company.


Eat Chicken Stock Ice Cream and $10 Wagyu Burgers at San Antonio’s Newest Market
Say hello to the Eataly of Texas.

Last week, Emmer & Rye Hospitality Group opened Pullman Market within San Antonio’s bustling Pearl district, a longtime destination for shopping and eating. An epic grocery store, food hall, and multi-restaurant facility, Pullman Market has already become the go-to place for understanding and experiencing everything Texas has to offer.

This Baker Just Won the Award for the Best Baguette in Paris Using a Genius Secret Ingredient
It sure does sound tasty.

In late April, Xavier Netry from the Utopie bakery took home the title for the best baguette in the annual Grand Prix de la baguette competition in Paris, beating out more than 170 other competitors. He could have ridden into the sunset with his title and trophy, never sharing a thing about how he made his award-winning bread. But instead, he chose to share his biggest secret with the world.


Olipop Released a Barbie-Inspired Soda, and It’s Reportedly Outselling Eggs
Yes, it really is that popular.

Barbie, that eternal icon who has held down over 250 jobs and owns at least two dozen houses, turns 65 this year. To commemorate this major milestone, the toymakers at Mattel have planned several limited-edition releases, like a line of dolls based on “Global Storytellers” including actor Viola Davis, singer Shania Twain, and film director Lila Avilés. Mattel is also collaborating with over 40 different brands to celebrate Barbie, including Heinz UK, Stacy’s Pita Chips, and prebiotic soda company Olipop.


‘The Idea of You’ Lets Moms Have Hot Sex and Get Away With It…Almost
Society expects mothers to be asexual. Anne Hathaway’s new rom-com subverts that notion—but is it satisfying?

“Sleaziest mom of the year?” blasts one headline, alongside photos of Solène in a bikini kissing a shirtless Hayes. “Aren’t u somebodys mother? Act like it!” snarks one commenter while another spits, “If u were my mom id crawl into a hole.”
In one scene, Solène confides to her best friend Tracy that she’s shaken by the visceral hate slung in her direction. “I didn’t know my being happy would piss so many people off,” Solène says. “Oh, right, did I not warn you?” Tracy responds. “People hate happy women.”


For the “Sleeping Beauties” 2024 Met Gala, There’d Be Nothing More On-Theme Than These 77 Runway Looks
We know the 2024 Met Gala theme (“Sleeping Beauties”) and the dress code (Garden of Time). How guests will interpret these themes is yet to be revealed. Florals are an obvious choice; clock faces could come into play. My personal hope is that someone will take inspiration from sleep. Should that person exist, the selection of looks below might aid and abet their planning. Here are the famous pillow looks from Viktor & Rolf’s Bedtime Stories show of fall 2005 and Caroline Hu’s soft sculpture dresses from spring 2024. There are dramatic evening looks by Rick Owens and Pierpaolo Piccioli for Moncler that transform the ubiquitous puffer into something precious, quilted textiles, flower-strewn duvets, and snow-white eiderdowns that wrap gently, and warmly, around the body.
Two designers known for bringing elements from the bedroom to the runway are Norma Kamali, whose sleeping bag coats have become wardrobe staples, and the Anglo-American couturier Charles James, whose 1937 curvilinear eiderdown jacket, designed the same way a quilted comforter is, is the matriarch of all puffers.


The Lives of the Party: A Whirlwind History of the Met Gala
One can’t discuss the history of the Met Gala—an event attended by a mesmerizing constellation of stars, dressed in Fashion with a capital F, to raise funds for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute—without discussing the history of the Costume Institute itself.
Imagine New York in the 1930s. The Whitney Museum of American Art opened on lower Fifth Avenue in 1931, followed by the Museum of the City of New York—in the imposing red-brick building it still calls home—in 1932. At about this time, theater producer Irene Lewisohn and stage designer Aline Bernstein had a thought: If American art and local history had their own museums, where was the cathedral for fashion? Between them, the women had an extensive collection of fashion and reference material that was used for theatrical productions and research, and they understood the unending potential of public access to their holdings.


Five Artists to Know From the Inaugural SWAIA Native Fashion Week
This weekend, the inaugural SWAIA Native Fashion Week kicks off in Santa Fe. The event—which serves as an extension of the annual Santa Fe Indian Market in August—spotlights contemporary Indigenous fashion designers, all of whom will debut their new collections over the course of four days. It is the first Fashion Week of its kind in the country.
Every August, the Indigenous fashion show at the Santa Fe Indian Market is a highlight, and the new SWAIA Fashion Week evolved out of a growing appetite for Indigenous couture (not to mention the growing pool of talent creating just that). On the catwalks this weekend, 17 different Indigenous designers will show their new ready-to-wear designs, ranging from streetwear to evening attire.


Why So Many People (Myself Included) Are Experiencing Family Estrangement
According to Psychology Today, at least one in four people experience estrangement from a family member, while another study found that one in 10 have cut off a parent or child. It’s becoming overwhelmingly common—but why? Why is family not working? Marriage and family therapist Shontel Cargill tells me it’s a multilayered phenomenon.
“The perceived increase in family estrangement may be influenced by several societal shifts,” Cargill explains via email. For one, there is “a growing recognition of the importance of mental health and well-being, leading more individuals to prioritize their emotional health and set boundaries with toxic or abusive family members.”


Nicholas Galitzine on “Setting Boundaries” and Not Engaging With the “Toxic Parts of Hollywood”
The actor stars alongside Anne Hathaway in Prime Video’s new movie, ‘The Idea of You.’

Nicholas Galitzine is opening up about how he manages the extra attention that comes with his more recent rise in fame.
The actor, who has found stardom in recent years with his roles in 2022’s Purple Hearts, 2023’s Red, White & Royal Blue and now, Prime Video’s The Idea of You, told IndieWire that it’s “all about setting boundaries.”
“I have my non-negotiables, my family, my loved ones, my friends. I always try and carve out time for them,” he explained. “I’m not really engaged with the more toxic parts of Hollywood that I think do exist out there. And none of my friends who are in the industry are as well.”


Ryan Gosling Would Like to Redo ‘La La Land’ Scene Because of His “La La Hand” on the Movie Poster
The actor starred opposite Emma Stone in the Oscar-winning film.

Ryan Gosling has revealed a moment in 2016’s La La Land that still “haunts” him to this day.
In an interview for WSJ Magazine‘s “The One” video series, the actor admitted that if he could, he would reshoot the film’s dance sequence with co-star Emma Stone that was featured on the movie’s promo poster. As for his reason why, it’s all because of what he described as his “La La Hand.”


AI has created a new form of sexual abuse
How do you stop deepfake nudes?

So-called revenge porn — nude photos or videos shared without consent — has been a problem for years. But with deepfake technology, “anybody can just put a face into this app and get an image of somebody — friends, classmates, coworkers, whomever — completely without clothes,” said Britt Paris, an assistant professor of library and information science at Rutgers who has studied deepfakes.
There’s no hard data on how many American high school students have experienced deepfake nude abuse, but one 2021 study conducted in the UK, New Zealand, and Australia found that 14 percent of respondents ages 16 to 64 had been victimized with deepfake imagery.


You could soon get cash for a delayed flight
Flying has gotten hellish. Consumers might finally get compensated.

The airline refund rule, which will go into effect in October, offers an immediate example of how the administration is trying to address a commonly expressed grievance. It also comes as negative sentiment has grown toward the airline industry in the wake of a shocking Boeing plane incident in January and subsequent scrutiny of industry-wide quality control issues. All told, delays and cancellations have cost airlines $8.3 billion and consumers $16.7 billion on an annual basis. Here’s what you need to know about how the rule works and why it’s happening in the first place.


A New Wave of Appreciation for the Man Who Drew New York
Jason Polan chronicled city life in thousands of sketches before he died at 37 in 2020. What happens to his legacy now?

A somber gathering of artists and illustrators took place at a gallery in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan on a recent Friday evening. They were there for a Wright auction preview of the drawings and personal belongings of Jason Polan, the celebrated New York street artist who died of cancer at 37 in 2020.
The auction, “I Want to Know All of You: The Art & Collection of Jason Polan,” is part of a new initiative to preserve his legacy, but as the night carried on, Mr. Polan’s friends seemed content just to be in the presence of objects that let them feel closer to him.
A few guests wiped away tears as they looked at his impressionist sketches of city life. They included scenes of a hot dog vendor on Broadway, a woman carrying balloons on Canal Street and the fashion influencer Derek Blasberg ambling down Greene Street.


The Man Who Never Says No to Zendaya
The stylist Law Roach on his role as an “image architect,” being a diva and his master plan for what’s next.

Last March, Law Roach seemed to be at the peak of his career as a celebrity stylist. He had won the first stylist of the year award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America, and was working with Zendaya, Celine Dion, Anya Taylor-Joy and Anne Hathaway, among others. Then, out of the blue, he announced on Instagram that he was quitting.
“The politics, the lies, and false narratives finally got me!” he wrote. “You win … I’m out.”
Cue shock, horror and a lot of speculation. There were rumors that he had called Priyanka Chopra Jonas fat. Rumors that he had thrown a tantrum because Louis Vuitton wouldn’t seat him next to Zendaya in the front row. Whispers that he had become more of a diva than the divas he served. (He did, after all, call himself an “image architect,” trademark the term and insist that everyone else call him that, too.) But there were also questions about racism in fashion. And there was curiosity. Was it really over? It was, it turned out, a somewhat dramatic career pivot.


Julia Fox on Dumpster Diving and Fashion Disasters
Imagine a game of i-Spy in Julia Fox’s closet—condoms, watches, dried leaves, shower curtains. The fashion dissident loves unconventional materials. So in her new competition show, OMG Fashun, it’s fitting that a crop of budding fashion designer contestants-slash-fans must scramble to upcycle a look out of four mystery goods, Chopped-style, for the Down the Drain author to actually wear. On an unidentified turf-covered rooftop, the contestants meet Fox and her co-host, ex-celebrity stylist Law Roach, before being sent off to sew and glue, ultimately returning to the rooftop to present their looks and get read by the judges. Between takes, Fox met up with us to talk thrifting in the trash, sweaty edible underwear, and how it feels to get the Law Roach stamp of approval.


55 Very Special Mother’s Day Desserts
Whether your mom loves cake, cupcakes, fruit crisp, pavlova, cookies, or pie, there’s a dessert here to delight her.

If you’re looking to spoil the mom, grandmother, aunt, wife, or special person in your life, look no further than this collection of special Mother’s Day desserts. There’s something here for every personality and taste, with one underlying theme: they’re all fit for a queen.
Some desserts are bursting with that spring feeling, incorporating in-season rhubarb or strawberries. There are also cakes, cupcakes, and cookies with a floral theme. Bright, fresh citrus is on display, too; lemon lovers will find loads of options. And if your Mom loves chocolate? We have some decadent recipes here.
Along with a bouquet of Mom’s favorite flower and a heartfelt card, any of these treats is sure to make her day.


How to Plant a Cocktail Garden Full of Flavorful Garnishes for All of Your Drinks
There’s no better way to garnish your cocktails than with fresh herbs and fruit grown right at home.

Love making mojitos, margaritas and gimlets at home? Creating your own cocktail garden is a fun way to have fresh ingredients all season long—and elevate your delicious drink creations.
Growing your own herbs for cocktails is a fun activity that anyone can do. Whether you enjoy having gatherings at your home or like making a special drink when the moment calls for it, growing a cocktail garden provides the freshest herbs available within easy reach.


A Couple Lovingly Restored This 19th-century Castle in Maine — Now It’s One of Our Favorite New Hotels
With luxe rooms, a flawless design, and a stunning location, it’s easy to see why Norumbega stole our writer’s heart.

I fell in love with the Norumbega long before I set foot on its grounds.
Driving north on Route 1 headed toward Acadia National Park, I’d press my nose to the glass as soon as we passed the downtown drag of Camden, Maine, and hope to catch a glimpse of the famed “castle by the sea.” Behind a row of hulking old trees, on a grassy slope with a distant view of Penobscot Bay, sits an 1887 Queen Anne confection in stone and black, a nameplate in the corner reading NORUMBEGA in gilt letters. It captures the imagination on sight: soaring arches, leaded glass windows with their neat little panes, a turret on one side, and a port-cochere on the other. It’s the kind of mysterious old house an orphan might be spirited away to at the start of a turn-of-the-century children’s novel or, should the night be dark and stormy enough, a gothic horror — at least until you set foot inside, as I finally did this summer.


These 11 Destinations Are So Stunning, They Don’t Seem Real
Pinterest shared some destinations that feel out of this world.

Pinterest has become a go-to resource for those plotting out their next great vacation. The site has made it ridiculously simple to discover tips and tricks to traveling like a pro — and even easier to save all those ideas in one place. But if you need a little more inspiration, Pinterest has also unveiled its top travel trends of 2024, and according to the report, “mysterious” and “unbelievable” places are at the very top of everyone’s mind.
“Searches for enigmatic locales are rising as travelers crave places shrouded in mystery and allure, promising a blend of wonder, adventure, and the unexplored,” Pinterest shared in its Travel Trends report. “From ethereal natural landscapes to ancient, whispering ruins, these hidden gems ignite the imagination of artists and call out to travelers in pursuit of spiritual enlightenment and transcendence. Venturing into the depths of ancient cities or uncovering forgotten realms becomes a daring odyssey, pushing boundaries and unraveling profound truths about oneself and the world.”
While this all sounds great, we wanted specifics. So, we asked Pinterest for the top-trending spots specifically around “places that don’t feel real.” Here are the destinations the platform shared.


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