Natalie Portman and Jon Hamm at the “Lucy in the Sky” Los Angeles Premiere

Posted on September 26, 2019

It’s never fair to judge the worthiness of a film or television show based on how the principals are dressing for the promotional work, but you know what? We never claimed to be fair, now did we? And yeah, we’re getting the distinct whiff of perfunctory promo style here:


Are we wrong here? They look like they just reached into their closets and picked something presentable to wear in order to get through the evening. These are not folks dressing like they expect to be riding that awards track any time soon, that’s for sure. Since the film’s initial reviews are decidedly not good, we think it’s safe to say these two didn’t bring their A game to this red carpet by design. Not that they look terrible, although his suit’s kind of a mess on him. She’s surprisingly sexy in her style here, which is not something she tends to do often – again, there’s that sense that she’s not fixing to get herself any nominations here. Having said that, the plunge and shape of that neckline is horrifying.







[Photo Credit: David Gabber/ – Video Credit: FoxSearchlight via]

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