Lizzo at Lizzo in Conversation: Cuz I Love You at 92Y

Posted on September 24, 2019

We all need a little breather from all of that Emmys finery before we blast you with a ton of it in the hours to come. While we prepare to clean out our content files, take a moment with Lizzo, who is serving you high style, but miles away from an awards show red carpet.





What can we say? It’s a LOOK. And it’s absolutely not the kind of look that makes any sense applying conventional criteria to it. Miss Woman came to make an impact and she happens to excel at such things. We don’t like fringe or ponchos or landscape scenes in fashion, but who cares? She’s serving her dish red hot and we have to respect that.

Besides, it all weirdly suits her somehow. Objectively, we’d call that poncho tacky but she really is styled perfectly for it, from the high pony to the leather pants.


[Photo Credit: Janet Mayer/]

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