Jamie Lee Curtis at Project Angel Food’s Angel Awards Gala

Posted on September 17, 2019

Just a quick shoutout to one Miss Jamie Lee, who is having herself a bit of a style renaissance and attention must be paid.




She went through a period where she was all about challenging the way women were expected to age in Hollywood and while her insistence and openness on not being photoshopped or not wearing shapewear and definitely not having any plastic surgery is always to be commended, we think she also went through a period where she kind of rebelled against the idea of worrying about things like fashion because there’s too much attention paid to it. And believe it or not, we wouldn’t even argue against that. As much as we love talking about celebrity fashion, we fully admit it’s not the be-all of their careers and there’s nothing wrong with any star challenging the importance of it.

ON THE OTHER HAND, that doesn’t mean a lady (or gentleman, for that matter) on a red carpet shouldn’t utilize fashion and the red carpet well, if it’s good for her career. In other words, style isn’t everything and it’s definitely not the most important thing, but it ain’t nothing, either. We think she’s found a fantastic way to remain true to herself, challenge what people expect of her, and still look drop-dead fierce if and when she wants to. If we have to offer a technical crit, the jacket isn’t fitted to her bust as well as it could be but this is such a fabulous look for her.


[Photo Credit: Robert Smith/INSTARimages.com]

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