“Last Christmas” Will Be Your Escape from The Holidays This Year

Posted on August 14, 2019

Oh dear, kittens:








Look, we say this all the time, so we’re sorry to sound repetitive, but old well-preserved married gay dudes are not the demographic for young cishet rom-coms (otherwise known as “rom-coms”). It’s never been our favorite genre and if you asked us our opinions on some of the most beloved rom-coms of the 21st Century, you would almost certainly be upset and disappointed if you’re a fan of any of those films (*cough*LoveActuallyishorribleactually *cough*). But even we have a few favorites and what they all have in common – what every successful rom-com has in common, actually – is bucketloads of charm – charm in the cast, charm in the settings, charm in the costumes, charm in the general hook of the story. This film looks to be practically overflowing with it.


We never would have thought this (although Emma clearly did), but Emilia Clarke and Emma Thompson as daughter and mother is kind of brilliant. Even in the snippets from this trailer, you can see they have a strong chemistry and instantly believable bond. As for Henry Golding, take your shot, son. Everyone knows you’re supposed to be the New Clooney (so to speak); the king of romance for a new generation. Let’s see what you’ve got. We’re generally lukewarm toward much of Paul Feig’s filmography and style, but with this cast, this script (by Emma Thompson), this setting and this hook – PLUS the styling tunes of one George Michael, we think this one will be tough to screw up.

Who’s up for ditching their holiday responsibilities, putting some wine in a thermos, parking their asses for two hours, and catching some yuletide romance between two people with incredible bone structure pretending not to want to bone?



[Image Credit/Stills: Sony Pictures – Video Credit: Sony Pictures via YouTube.com]

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