Beyoncé in Alexander McQueen at “The Lion King” Los Angeles Premiere

Posted on July 10, 2019

Not to pull rank on you all, but no one understands better than a red carpet blogger that a Beyonce appearance on one happens roughly about as often as a new Pope is designated. BELIEVE US, as people whose livings depend on this sort of thing, we would love nothing more than for her to walk a red carpet every night of the week, but she doesn’t even do it for major awards shows all that often. It’s the Met Gala, maybe the Oscars, and that’s about all you’ll get out of Queen Bey, thank you very much.



This avoidance of the red carpet, like practically everything public-facing about her life, is a statement, of course. It’s actually several statements at once. First, she’s so famous that she has the power to pick and choose what parts of the fame machine she will submit to. Second, that she sees her entire public-facing life as a performance and she doesn’t just give it away freely anymore. And third, that she maintains complete control over every aspect of her life.

Also, maybe fourth: She’s not putting herself up to scrutiny by bitches like us. Fair!

But honestly, there’s not a lot to argue with here. We still don’t love sheer skirts and we think this design doesn’t marry it very well to the top. More “leg curtains” than skirt, really. But the rest of it is so spectacular and so on-point for her that we can’t really focus on the one part we don’t like. It’s strong in the way she likes her fashion to be, but it’s also pure glamour, in the way her persona demands.


And the hair and jewelry are SPECTACULAR.


She’s one of the most brilliant celebrities when it comes to image management and we can’t help noting that, given how prevalent such imagery is in her own career and among her own fanbase, and given the nature of her role in this movie, that she didn’t actually come out in the one thing we might have foolishly predicted for her: Royal Drag. This is all pure glamour and fierceness, with nary a regal or queenly allusion in sight. That was a choice. She doesn’t like to be predictable.








Style Credits:
– Alexander McQueen Crystal-embroidered Dress with a Dégradé Crystal-embroidered Skirt from the Pre-Fall 2019 Collection
– Alexander McQueen Crystal-embellished Blazer from the Fall 2019 Menswear Collection
– Alexander McQueen Box Clutch
– Alexander McQueen Crystal-embellished Pin-heel Sandals

[Photo Credit: INSTARimages, Courtesy of Alexander McQueen – Video Credit: Walt Disney Studios via]

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