Style File: Dave Bautista Hits the Streets and Airs Them Out

Posted on July 09, 2019

And now, chesticles. Because Mr. Dave likes showing his off.



Dave Bautista at BUILD Series

We can’t say we blame him for that, but as we’ve mentioned to Mr. Hemsworth plenty of times, exposed pecs and men’s suiting are not meant to occur as simultaneous fashion choices. Wide V-neck t-shirts do not go with double-breasted suits and this is a rule we won’t be bending or wavering on. And it’s not just the shirt that’s the issue. He really shouldn’t be in double-breasted suits at all. In fact, he needs a complete style rethink.




Dave Bautista at “Good Morning America”

On paper, this all kind of/sort of works. It’s not the most fashionable menswear look we’ve ever seen, but it’s cute enough in theory. But our first thought upon looking at it all trying to work on him was that he’d be so much better off with a pair of casual shoes, possibly even a good, stylish pair of kicks. Then we started thinking neither the jacket nor the jeans are doing much for him and started to envision an entirely different sort of look. He should definitely work a dressy/casual sort of vibe, but instead of the somewhat musty dress shoes, plain white dress shirts and conventional sports coats, he should be looking into some colorful pants, print shirts and a pair of kicks.

If you absolutely feel the need to air those pecs out, we’d rather see you do it in something short-sleeved, summertime, and a little fresher than all this, sir. Dressy-casual with a modern feel. That’s your sweet spot for promo work.



[Photo Credit: INSTARimages]

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