Chloë Sevigny in Marc Jacobs at “The Dead Don’t Die” New York Screening: IN or OUT?

Posted on June 11, 2019

When it comes to Miss Chloe’s semi-cray style choices, she’s got her defenders and her detractors around here, which is why we think this one might make a good one to bat around for a while. It’s got some of that fashion silliness she tends to love, but it’s also, well…


Kind of… sort of… chic? We could definitely do without the boob-bow and boob-feathers of course, but if you take them away, it wouldn’t really feel like Miss Chloe, would it? The argument in favor of chicness: that’s a gorgeous textile and it’s beautifully draped from the back. And if anyone out there can work those fussy-ass sleeves, it’s her.

We don’t know, you guys … we realize it’s a goofy look, but if there’s such a thing as Goofy Chic, then this might be the perfect example of it. And let’s face it, if there is such a thing, then she’d have to be considered the Queen of Goofy Chic. So with all that in mind, we ask you:


Chloe Sevigny’s Goofy Chic

IN or OUT? 









Style Credits:
Marc Jacobs Floral-print Feather-detailed Silk Mini Dress from the Fall 2019 Collection

Styled by Haley Wollens

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages,, – Video Credit: Focus Features via]

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