The Red Carpet Got Queer All of a Sudden

Posted on May 20, 2019

Kittens, there was something distinctly queer in the air this weekend as a bunch of celebrity men hit various red carpets having completely unhooked themselves from the gender binary in their style choices. While it would appear all of these men identify as cisgender males (we checked), they nonetheless felt like it was time to sprinkle a little genderqueer realness for the cameras rather than stepping out in some boring old suit or (God forbid) a pair of jeans and work boots. No, these boys weren’t in the mood to be conventional. They were ready to get sheer, sparkly and skirted.



Billy Porter at the Peabody Awards

Mr. Porter returns to full-on drag; something he’s been dancing around for a while; especially since the Met Gala where he made fashion history. Love the wig and the full, draggy sweep of the gown, but we wish the latter wasn’t so sheer.



Cody Fern at the “AHS Apocalypse” FYC Event

As much as we love the drama of the top half (even if the nipples are incredibly distracting), the bottom half looks kind of blandly generic in comparison. At least put on a pair of killer heels, sir.



Jonathan Van Ness at the Netflix “Queer Eye” FYC Event

We’re sorry. We know he’s beloved, but he’s a mess. The proportions here turn his drag into a bit of a joke and those sandals should be burned – after they’re shot execution-style.



Brendan Scannell at the Netflix FYSEE “Prom Night” Reception

Because why wouldn’t you treat a red carpet like prom night if you’re young, gay and cute? Much as we appreciate the wit of the bow tie and manshoes, neither of them work with the dress, which is too traditionally draggy for those kinds of elements.

Still, we salute you boys! You may not have gotten all the details correct to our satisfaction, but kudos to all of you for seeing the broader possibilities of style.





[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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