The “Stranger Things” Season 3 First Look and Trailer Dropped and We Have Opinions to Share

Posted on March 20, 2019

“One Summer Can Change Everything. School is out, pool is open. Welcome to summer of ‘85 in Hawkins. Premiering July 4. Only on Netflix.”







Everyone’s all over this on social media this morning and once again, we find ourselves the grumpy grandpas in the room. Don’t get us wrong; we’re absolutely looking forward to the third season of Stranger Things and that is definitely on killer trailer.

But here’s the thing: Stranger Things, to us, has always been a show that never quite reached the heights of its concept and aesthetic. It was always more of a promise of a great retro horror show than an actual great retro horror show.



It always had a great cast, great hook, and great aesthetic, although its verisimilitude in regards to real ’80s fashions was always uneven, but that’s true of most ’80s-set pieces. But the story has always felt a little half-assed and made-up-as-you-go-along and the season climaxes were never as good as the build-up to them. The previous two seasons of Stranger Things were fun, but felt like empty calories by the time they wrapped up. We’re not so naive as to be fooled by a slickly edited trailer with a great song attached to it, but there does feel like an attempt is being made to pull this all together thematically and provide a decent payoff. If nothing else, it looks fun.

And it’s long past time for Winona Ryder to stop playing the scowling, confused, frumpy mother character and get a role where her spooky strengths really shine.




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