Eva Green in Tom Ford at the “Dumbo” Paris Premiere

Posted on March 19, 2019

In which the optical illusion turns out to be not such an illusion.





We had a point all ready to go about how this version of the one-sleeved dress design – where it literally looks like one sleeve was ripped off – tends to make the wearer look lopsided. We were then going to comment on how her hair style seems designed to counteract that effect, but that we found the idea of an asymmetrical hair do balancing out an asymmetrical dress design a little stale and expected. Then all our points were rendered moot when we realized…


She really is standing like her left arm weighs twice as much as her right. Is she just playing into the theme? Trying to make the hair hang a certain way? Or does that sleeve inexplicably weigh ten pounds? The dress definitely suits her, but it seems to have messed up her balance a little.


Style Credits:
Tom Ford Black One-sleeve Dress from the Spring 2019 Collection

Styled by Leslie Fremar | Hair by Alain Pichon | Makeup by Lisa Eldridge

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, vogue.com]

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