Spotify “Best New Artist 2019” Event Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on February 08, 2019


Kittens, it was a Spotify thing! And the stars all came out dressed like they were heading to prom in 1988! Except for Rita, who dressed cray again. This is where we normally say something like “Let’s judge them,” but trust: you are not going to need any encouragement from these two bitches to form and state opinions on the following.



Bebe Rehxa in HARRYHALIM

It’s hideous! We think she’s really well-suited to candy-colored ’80s nostalgia in all its puffy-sleeved glory, but this is just an ugly design with too many weird or unflattering elements to it. And it’s time for us to officially declare our loathing for the trend of clunky black mid-calf booties with dresses.



Hailee Steinfeld in Paule Ka

The skirt is a bit much, but everything from the knees up is pretty cute on her.



Heidi Klum

You would think a neon pink leopard print pantsuit with matching blouse would wind up looking pretty tacky. You would also be right for thinking that, but Heidi has a knack for the tacky.



Jameela Jamil

All the flouncy, ruffly, drapey stuff is a bit overwhelming. An edited version of this would look pretty amazing on her but as it is, it’s slightly overwhelming.



Julianne Hough

We absolutely think she could work a hot pink Dynasty dress, but this looks cheap, wrinkled, and really badly accessorized.




Rita Ora in Marc Jacobs

Sweetie, when your ensemble looks like two drag queens in a fistfight, it’s time to reassess.




[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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