Rodarte Los Angeles Fashion Show Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on February 06, 2019

If the title of this post didn’t clue you in, allow us to be a little more blunt about it: GET READY FOR SOME CRAY, KITTENS!



Angela Bassett

But first, Miss Angela, who doesn’t have time for any Rodarte nonsense today. This rather stylish and low-key number is surprisingly off-brand for her, since she tends to love fussy-fussy. We guess Rodarte’s particular brand of it was not to our liking. And if you’re unsure what we’re referring to, please direct your eyes to the next entry on the list.



Brie Larson


She looks like a Barbie who only shops vintage. Also? Girl, those are NOT your sandals.



Dakota Fanning

This is Gothy-Fussy and as such, it’s pretty damn perfect for a Fanning. We think she looks pretty amazing here, to be honest.



Elsie Fisher

Trust Miss Elsie to do fussy on her own terms. We can’t say we’re loving the quilted pants, but the jacket is fabulous.




Lucy Boynton

Glam Rock Fussy. Also perfect for her. She has a knack for making ugly dresses look chic, which is about as rock-and-roll as you can get in your style.



Mackenzie Foy, Shailene Woodley and Lucy Boynton

Evidently they were hoping if they all grouped together tightly, you wouldn’t notice their dresses so much. A clever ruse, ladies.



Shailene Woodley

We have to say, it surprises us how well some of these dresses are suiting some of these women. Shailene is about as far from fussy as you can get, but there’s a lot about this look that really works for her. We don’t like the bottom two-thirds of the skirt and the red shoes are really awkward.

And now the Queen of Fussy in the creme de la creme of Fussy:


Tracee Ellis Ross

It’s so ridiculous that she’s almost making it work.




[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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