Katy Perry Tries to Make it All Work At Once in Elie Saab at the MusiCares Person Event

Posted on February 13, 2019

Hey, Miss Katy! What did you wear this weekend?


Why, this old thing?

We kinda feel bad about ragging on this, since she’s clearly feeling it and since we’ve been detecting a slight uptick in effort on her style choices. Girlfriend was in a rut for a good while there. We suspect if someone made a chart or diagram, it would track with her relationship status at the time, but since things seem to be good on that front, she’s more energized on the fashion front. If nothing else, she seems to be making bolder choices that play into her strengths. She’s best when she’s working a cartoony form of high fashion and a lot of her looks lately have that right combination of wildness and simplicity.


The thing with this look is that the wild part is all fussy-fussy and the simple part is the idea of rendering an entire look in a wallpaper print, head to toe. It’s not impossible to sport a print or color in sheer, sparkly and leather all at the same time, but we propose that this is absolutely the wrong kind of print for it. Some bold Mondrian-like geometric can be splashed along every textile in a look, but not this sort of black-backed delicate floral. It’s too much. If we had to edit, we’d get her to ditch the boots and figure out a more appropriate earring than the ear candy she’s currently sporting, but even then, we’d still hate the dress. The fussiness, the print, and the combo of textiles – none of them work for us.



Style Credits:
Elie Saab Dress, Matching Cape and Boots from the Spring 2019 Couture Collection

Styled by Jamie Mizrahi | Hair by Rick Henry | Makeup by Michael Anthony

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, vogue.com]

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