Sonequa Martin-Green Celebrates the “Star Trek Discovery” Season 2 Premiere in a Crazy Dress

Posted on January 18, 2019


That was one hell of a fun season premiere last night! We are, at this very moment, chatting about it on our podcast, so while we’re doing that, you get to take in this … um…

Look just prepare yourself for the scrolldown. Believe it or not, the fish earrings and green lips are the most normal parts.




At first, we were ready to argue that at least she’s being somewhat appropriate by dressing up in something wild and sci-fi, but here’s the thing: we’re increasingly getting irritated by cosplay on the red carpet because when it’s done without subtlety, it stops being fashion. But that’s kind of beside the point because there’s really not too much about this that reads sci-fi. Fish skeleton earrings certainly don’t, nor do tuxedo or black lace motifs. Try as we might, we just can’t get to “It’s a quirky, sci-fi sort of thing!” when in reality, it’s just a goofy-af frock, made worse by some seriously aggressive and tonally odd styling. The aforementioned earrings and lip color are bad, and if there’s one thing this look didn’t need, it was a busy-ass pair of shoes.




Style Credits:

Styled by Dani Charlton + Emma Rubenstein

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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