The 20 WORST Red Carpet Looks of 2018, Part One: The Best of the Worst

Posted on December 26, 2018

Now comes the sad part of our extra-judgy year-end list-making. You see, for as much as we love compiling super-bitchy rundowns of the worst looks of the year, our criteria for placement on this list tends to wind up leaving us with a bunch of ladies we love wearing outfits we hate. And because this is the best of the worst, this post is full of gals who’ll make you wince because you never thought you’d see the day where they could be considered among the worst-dressed anything.



20: Lena Dunham at the HBO Golden Globe After-Party.

And then there’s Lena Dunham.

What? Like we were going to pass her off as one of our secret faves? No, this is case that’s somewhat opposite in nature. She’s the kind of gal you’d expect on a list like this but she’s placing so low because this is a fairly low-key failure compared to most of her red carpet history. It’s not offensive or anything, just really unsuited to her and terribly unphotogenic.



19: Allison Janney in Bibhu Mohapatra at the 2018 BAFTA Awards.

Believe it or not, we briefly struggled with the idea of putting this low on the best list. In our defense, it’s because we love her and want the best for her. Besides, you can’t fault this for lack of boldness. But ultimately, her risk-taking didn’t pay off. This just looks like a goofy space queen costume.



18: Tracee Ellis Ross in Giambattista Valli Couture at the 2018 InStyle Awards.

Kittens, this pains us. Let’s explain something about the criteria here. When we winnowed our choices of the worst down to 50 or so, we realized there was a little bit of celebrity classism on display, with a lot of the so-called worst dressed folks being the ones who had the least access to high fashion and luxury goods. In other words, it was a list heavy with C-listers and skewed toward folks of color (in an illustration of who tends to get the best goods and careers in entertainment). We realized that our worst list would have to skew toward A-listers with access to the best goods in order to be a bit fair about it. Miss Tracee is a fashion STAR and Giambattista Valli is a world-class house, which makes the sad results here that much more tragic.

Perfectly backing up that point:


17: Cate Blanchett in Louis Vuitton at the “Ocean’s 8” London Premiere.

Look, don’t start with us. She’s Cate Fucking Blanchett wearing Louis Fucking Vuitton and she looks like a half-dressed Muppeteer. THIS IS NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN.



16: Kerry Washington in Atelier Versace at the Tony Awards 2018.

We’re sorry, darlings. This pains us as much as it pains you. Miss Kerry should be considered far too fierce and consistently stylish to ever wind up on a list like this one, but a fugly-as-hell Versace jumpsuit is a fugly-as-hell Versace jumpsuit, no matter who’s wearing it.




[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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