Leah Remini, Milo Ventimiglia and Vanessa Hudgens at the “Second Act” Premiere

Posted on December 10, 2018

Circumstances (such as her wearing a dress that stopped us in our tracks in a not-necessarily-good way) forced us to give J Lo the spotlight post this morning, but it’s only fair to allow those with lesser spotlight-grabbing skills a little time for their efforts as well. The poor dears.



Leah Remini

It says something for J Lo’s attention-grabbing skills that we didn’t even notice the piss-poor family portrait studio backdrop. How much did that one run you, PR folks? Because it looks like you picked up some drop cloths from Home Depot and then went around behind the Walmart to see if they were throwing out any irregular Christmas decorations. We’re just saying. Jenny must’ve gotten a heads-up on the marketing budget and figured dressing like Ariana on Halloween was the right way to go. She may have been correct on that point.

Oh, hi Leah. Nice dress. You look like a very stylish teacher on Parent-Teacher Night. Maybe shoot higher for a film premiere.



Milo Ventimiglia

Granted, we’ve got no business ragging on Leah for not shooting for the fashion stars when she had to know she’d be standing next to Hot Dad on Parent Teacher Night.

We suppose they all figured it would be better not to compete with Jennifer Lopez, which makes a certain amount of sense, but come on, folks. A J Lo rom-com premiere deserves better efforts from all involved.

And his shoes are STUPID.



Vanessa Hudgens in Giamba

We can’t say she didn’t put a little high-fashion effort in. And we’ve been chatting up the pink-and-metallic holiday color combo a lot lately, as a way of getting away from the jewel-tone prison of holiday style. But the shape of this thing is just awful. Fabulous shoes, though.

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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