Victoria Beckham Steps Out Brightly in New York

Posted on November 29, 2018

You have to admire the woman. She sure has simplified things for herself. Any time she needs to step out for a little sidewalk sashay, she’s got the perfect brand to wear; the one that suits her better than any other. Her brand, of course.



She never wears anything that doesn’t suit her perfectly and she rarely wears anything that doesn’t literally sell her brand to the world. No muss, no fuss. Victoria Beckham in Victoria Beckham. Because what the hell else would she wear?

Having said that, we wish this ensemble wasn’t working so hard to obscure the existence of her hands and feet. We realize the weather’s brisk and all, but you made yourself a matching jacket, dear. Why go without it? It’s a sharp, smart look but the way the sweater is shoved and stretched makes us think the jacket should be required to wear with it.





Style Credits:
– Victoria Beckham High-waisted Wide Leg Trousers and Long Sleeve Stripe Top
– Victoria Beckham ‘Eva’ Bag

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages,]

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