Sandra Bullock in Vivienne Westwood at Netflix’s “Bird Box” AFI FEST Screening

Posted on November 13, 2018

Dammit. This keeps happening. Yesterday, Amy Adams succumbed to our decade of shrieking at her about getting away from minimalist sheaths by showing up in a fortune-teller’s costume, making us look the fools. Now, after a decade of haranguing Sandy about the limits and/or relative staleness of her pin-straight hair and meticulously fitted metallic sheaths, she takes our advice and … well. Just look for yourselves:



We’re starting to suspect a bunch of actresses got together and came up with a plan just to fuck with us by taking our advice in the worst direction. Shut up. We’re not grandiose. Your face is grandiose.

Anyway, attempts at withering bitchiness aside, this isn’t … a disaster, is it? The hair’s a little too messy, but the idea is sound. She looks great with something lighter, shorter and a little less perfect. The longer we look at the dress the more we think it’s one of our fave red carpet Westwood looks in a while. Well-chosen for heading into the holiday poledancing season and definitely photogenic. No, our initial read was harsh. This is all a bit jarring because it feels so different for her but the longer we look at it, the more we appreciate it. We’re not fully convinced this dress is right for her, but the unexpected nature of it should be lauded, we think. The sandals, not so much. The Veteran’s Day salute, subtle and well placed.




Style Credits:
Vivienne Westwood Black Dress with an Orange and Gold Strip Detail

Styled by Elizabeth Stewart

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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