Pop Style Opinionfest: Eat Good Food and Wear Good Stuff Right Now

Posted on October 26, 2018

Kittens, we kept things very simple for you this week. So simple, in fact, that the title of this post can serve as the official summation of the entire point of this podcast. Allow us to explain.

First, the “Eat Good Food” portion comes from our gushing review of the new 4-part Netflix food series/travelogue SALT FAT ACID HEAT, based on the book by Samin Nosrat and hosted by the author.


In short, it’s HIGHLY T L0-recommended, not least because Samin is both a highly engaging host and a somewhat revelatory one, for reasons we get into on the podcast. It’s a series that shows you gorgeous corners of the world and then takes you inside the beat-up kitchens of Nonnas and Abuelas so they can show you the best way to brine a turkey or make pesto; in the manner their mothers taught them. It’s a beautiful series not just about food, but about culture and experience and tradition with a very heavy and notable focus on women and people of color throughout the world. And you can watch it all in one very lazy and cozy afternoon.

As for the “Wear Good Stuff” portion, T lost himself some weight recently and the resulting stunning new body required a wardrobe overhaul, which inspired some musings on personal style and how even a couple of fashion bloggers can fall into some seriously cliched bad habits. Bottom line: Buy clothes you can wear the day you buy them. Don’t ever buy the someday-I’ll-fit items. We’ll tell you why, along with a few more tidbits and observations about personal style.

And into the mix, we add a little Meghan Markle commentary, because how can we not? You may not like what we have to say about the infamous hanging tag!



Thank you once again for listening to us ramble and supporting our messy little endeavors, darlings!

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