Cate Blanchett in Maison Margiela at the Rome Film Fest “The House with a Clock in Its Walls” Screening

Posted on October 22, 2018

T to Lo, randomly during brunch Sunday morning: “So… Cate Blanchett’s really going all-out for that kiddie movie, isn’t she?” Just in case you were wondering if we really talk like this all the time.


For real, though: Good Lady Cate’s been on quite the red carpet tear lately, doing the style poledance for this film on a level most Oscar-track actresses can’t come close to managing. It says a couple things; possibly contradictory. First, that she’s an uber-pro who will put in the style time and style work no matter what she’s promoting, in the manner of great Hollywood screen divas like Joan Crawford. Second, that she’s a woman who truly adores fashion and will grab any chance to get herself some couture to wear. Believe it or not, we think the former has more truth to it than the latter.

Oh, we have no doubt she loves fashion and enjoys wearing it. It’s possible the clear joy and serene confidence that radiates out of her when she’s in something stunning is an acting job, but she demonstrates way too much of an understanding of high fashion (not to mention an adventurous approach to it) for it to merely be a tool in her job. She loves the stuff. On the other hand, she’s no fashionista in her day-to-day life, nor does she ever engage in that highly curated form of celebrity label-slinging known round these parts as the Sidewalk Sashay. In other words, she likes, enjoys and understands high fashion, but it’s pretty clear she restricts it almost entirely to her promotional work.

Anyway, this is fun and bright and photogenic as hell. We don’t love the fan effect in the bodice, but the skirt’s a real stunner.


Style Credits:
Maison Margiela by John Galliano Dress from the Spring 2018 Couture Collection

Styled by Elizabeth Stewart | Hair by Nicola Clarke | Makeup by Mary Greenwell

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages,]

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