Nicole Kidman in Costume on the Set of “Big Little Lies”

Posted on July 30, 2018

It seems like they’ve been shooting this followup season of last year’s HBO hit for ages now, but you won’t hear us complain. We’ll wait patiently until Madeline and Celeste and Renata and whatever the hell name they choose to give to Meryl (which won’t matter because she’s Meryl and if you gave her a character named Flatulentia Ingroantonale she would FIND THE DIGNITY) come back into our lives. We want this to be good. They can take their time if they need it.

Also, it gives us costume goodness to ooh and aahh over while we wait. Here’s Nic, giving us a very particular version of Celeste:

Sticking to the neutrals, earth tones and touches of pink that defined her look in the first season (as we outlined and analyzed here). What’s notable here is how much this looks like the kinds of dresses she wore for her therapy appointments. We figure either she’s still dealing with the events of the first season (How could she not?) or the presence of her mother-in-law Flatulentia has sent her back in for a tune-up.



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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