“Into The Woods” Promotional Images

Posted on July 31, 2014

And now, some gorgeousness to help you get through your day.

Into-The-Woods-Movie-Promotional-Images-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (1)James Corden and Meryl Streep

Into-The-Woods-Movie-Promotional-Images-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (2)Chris Pine

Into-The-Woods-Movie-Promotional-Images-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (3)Lilla Crawford

Into-The-Woods-Movie-Promotional-Images-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (4)Anna Kendrick

Into-The-Woods-Movie-Promotional-Images-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (5)James Corden and Lilla Crawford

Into-The-Woods-Movie-Promotional-Images-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (6)Emily Blunt and James Corden

Into-The-Woods-Movie-Promotional-Images-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (7)Billy Magnussen

Into-The-Woods-Movie-Promotional-Images-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (8)Mackenzie Mauzy

Into-The-Woods-Movie-Promotional-Images-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (9)Lucy Punch, Christine Baranski, and Tammy Blanchard

Into-The-Woods-Movie-Promotional-Images-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (10)Daniel Huttlestone and Tracey Ullman

Into-The-Woods-Movie-Promotional-Images-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (11)Johnny Depp



Our gay cards may be revoked for admitting this, but on the face of it, an “Into The Woods” film was not necessarily going to have us running to get to the theater on opening night. Under different circumstances, we’d be perfectly fine waiting 9 months to catch it on HBO. But between the astonishing cast and amazing imagery, there’s no way we’re missing out on seeing this as soon as it lands. The costumes are gorgeous; evoking a historical “european-esque” aesthetic crossed with some slightly modern or slightly fantastical touches. It’s the kind of costuming we wish “Once Upon a Time” had the budget and vision to produce.






[Photo Credit: Peter Mountain]

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