Pairs Division: Jones and Hendricks

Posted on March 21, 2012

Mad Ladies on a rampage!

You couldn’t ask for two more different styles in one picture. Check it:

January Jones and Christina Hendricks attend the TimesTalk: A Conversation with the Cast of “Mad Men” in NYC.

Starting from the left:

SHE: Is serving up primo bitchface and we love it. We almost don’t recognize her when she smiles. And if ever there was an outfit that practically required primo bitchface, this would be it. Pretty much love everything from tip to toe. Hair and makeup look fabulous and she’s probably one of the few ladystars who can pull of those pants. A sexychic look. Score: 9.5/10.

SHE: Is making us weep. Actually, you know what? We’re done with stressing out over her choices. Girl is defiantly determined not to learn how to dress herself and we wash our hands of the whole thing. See what you’ve done, Christina? We don’t hate this, though. The silhouette’s perfect for her. And her hair is really pretty. We think she could’ve gone for some more dramatic eye makeup, but for the most part, the face is okay too. It’s that neckline. It’s ALWAYS the neckline with her. Yes, they’re big, but big-boobed gals the world over have managed to figure out how to dress their assets and there’s no excuse why she can’t. Super-high necklines don’t work on her any better than super-low ones do. Everybody says this about her, but we just don’t understand why she can’t look to Joan Holloway for some guidance. Joan’s necklines are always smack in the middle, exactly where they should be. Score: 5/10. Tsk.

Combined score: 7.25/10. Christina, turn to January and thank her for doing all the heavy lifting here.

[Photo Credit: Getty]

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