In or Out: Daniel Craig

Posted on July 26, 2011

It’s high summer; fish are jumping and the cotton is high, but the opportunities for featuring male celebs in “Man on the Street” posts have dried up because the standard male celeb attire for carefully-constructed-to-look-candid photo ops is mainly t-shirts and flip-flops. So we’re looking to the red carpets lately to get our boyfix, but all that does is point out why male red carpet attire is so boring (Robert Downey, Jr. notwithstanding).

Daniel Craig attends the “Cowboys & Aliens” World Premiere in San Diego, California.

See? Boring. Not that there’s anything wrong with that – he mostly looks great – but there’s so little to talk about here. The suit’s great and we bow down to him for getting the hem length just so. Love the sunglasses. We don’t get the latest red carpet vogue for big hankies instead of pocket squares, but we really don’t get why you’d go to the trouble if you’re not going to wear a tie. He looks like he just stuffed his Red Lobster bib in his jacket. And finally, let’s get nitpicky: if you’re going tieless and unbuttoned to a red carpet, then make sure your shirt and collar are starched and can stand up on their own. Collapsed collars make T Lo weep. Although it looks like he could have fixed the problem with a little adjusting.


IN! Shut up, you nitpicky bitches! He’s sex on a stick!

OUT! Put a tie on, you hippy!

Voting on his co-star’s prairie funeral dress is still open.

[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans/PR Photos]

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