In or Out: Hailee Steinfeld

Posted on June 20, 2011

Red Carpet princess pulls another completely adorable look out of her bag:

Hailee Steinfeld attends the Los Angeles Premiere of “Cars 2” in Philosophy Di Alberta Ferretti.

Considering her age and persona (spunky, talented, slightly quirky), we’d call this look just about perfect. In fact, we were originally going to make this a WERQ but reconsidered because there are a couple elements here that some might find questionable. Walk with us.

The dress? Adorable! The matchy-match bag? Also adorable! The reason we’re okay with the matchy-match bag? Denim jacket and motorcycle boots! Denim and jacket and motorcycle boots? Questionable!

Or at least, they would be on any gal more than ten (but really, 5) years older than her. You may think it’s unfair but it’s true: the very young can get away with sartorial choices that simply aren’t available to adults. In fact, the very young should be encouraged to indulge in these choices. A 35-year-old woman in this outfit on the RC wouldn’t look cute in this. She’d look like she’s trying too hard. Even a 25-year-old in a a denim jacket and motorcycle boots paired with an expensive designer dress is going to have to work a bit to make the look work for her. On a teenager? Easy peasy. Throw it on and instantly look cute. We kind of wish Elle Fanning had gone this route when she wore that very fussy Marc Jacobs dress last week. How cute would she have looked in booties and a denim jacket?

And before anyone goes there: we think the same rules apply to men. Teenager in a suit and Chuck Taylors? Adorable. Robert Downey in a suit and Chuck Taylors? Man-boy. Twenty-year-old in tight jeans, white t-shirt and leather jacket? Classic and hot. Forty-five year old in same? Mid-life crisis.

Anyway, this one’s a no-brainer to us, but some might have an issue with the footwear and jacket, so we’re leaving it up to you. Just so we don’t completely gush over this look, we’ll offer one critique: Honey, those mega-extensions have to go.


IN! I would TOTALLY wear that if I was a 15-year-old movie star!

OUT! Disgraceful! Disrespectful! Disappointing!

The Minion Opinion on Christina Hendricks’ “Little Lingerie Shop on the Prairie” getup was a near-unanimous OUT.

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