In or Out: Diane Kruger in Vionnet

Posted on June 29, 2011

We want Diane Kruger’s life. She’s internationally famous, landed a cute boyfriend, gets to jet all over the word and attend parties and events dressed to the nines, and she only seems to do any work every 18 months or so. Face it, girl landed herself one sweet gig.

Diane Kruger attends the Jaeger-Lecoultre Reverso 80th Anniversary in Paris in a dress.

Vionett Fall 2011 Collection/Model: Gertrud Hegelund (IMG)

Despite looking like one of those cheap vinyl “lace” tablecloths, we find ourselves liking this more than we probably should. It’s got a great shape to it and that shape looks great on her. We like the color as well. We also salute her for lining it in a matching blue. We’re only so-so on the length, though. And that clutch seems like a really odd choice. But we have a feeling no matter how we break it down, there’s only going to be one point of discussion among the female bitter kittens: sheer hose. It’s back, at least on runways, red carpets and editorials. Oh, we know it never really went away, but young women abandoned them in droves over a decade ago (blame Carrie Bradshaw), and it’s been a long, slow road back for the once-perennial. Personally, we kind of dig them, although we understand if some ladies think they’re aging. This is supposed to be an “IN or OUT”, but we have a feeling we just turned it into a discussion on sheer hosiery.


IN! She looks chic and soignée, darlings! And nothing beats a great pair of L’Eggs!


OUT! She looks dowdy and that lace looks cheap! Leave the sheer stockings for your grandma!

Yesterday’s Minion Opinions were as follows:

Jennifer Aniston’s girly, yet funereal dress got an IN, despite some arguing.

Julia Roberts’ small town realtor getup got a howling, and well-deserved OUT.

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