Adam Lambert in West Hollywood

Posted on June 01, 2011

Adam Lambert sprinkled his own particular brand of obsidian fairy dust behind him as he sauntered through the mean streets of WeHo the other night. Let’s assess.

First things first: this is most definitely NOT our style and never has been. In fact, it’s so very not our thing that we really have to struggle not to make a bunch of bitchily dismissive remarks. Not that we’re at all shy about being bitchily dismissive; just that it’s not fair to rip someone’s outfit simply because it’s not an outfit we would ever wear. We’ll say this about GLambert’s personal style: there is a right way and a wrong way to do this sort of metal/glam rock/rockabilly/goth pastiche and he has almost always fallen on the “right way” side of the question. His outfits never look thrown together nor do they look prissily overthought. Everything is coordinated; there’s just the right amount of glitter; and he never really goes too far. “Too far” meaning overdone and with little thought to how elements work together, which is a common mistake with this kind of look. Another, more surprising mark in his favor: we’re always struck by how well his clothes are fitted. And the boy don’t wear cheap; the pieces almost always look well made and expensive. Like we said, this is not our thing, but we appreciate how well Adam executes his thing (which sounds a little dirty but isn’t).


[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews]

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