In or Out: Kylie Minogue in Emilio Pucci

Posted on June 01, 2011

Through the magic of Netflix streaming, we recently plowed through all five-plus seasons of the “new” Doctor Who and just last night we were watching the Christmas episode featuring Kylie looking adorable and wide-eyed in a French maid’s outfit running around the spaceship Titanic. Yes, really.

So we were already feeling a bit of KylieLove (as all gay males are required to do) when we woke up this morning, only to have it amplified by the following picture:

Kylie Minogue poses during a press conference to launch her Aphrodite Les Folies Tour in Australia at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre on June 1, 2011 in Brisbane, Australia.

God, she really is a gay man in a tiny little Aussie gal’s body, isn’t she?

Emilio Pucci Spring 2011 Collection/Model: Natasha Poly

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It’s a shame. We almost love this dress. If it weren’t for those damn tassles, we’d declare this an unmitigated IN and urge all our minions to vote likewise. Admittedly, even if you got rid of the tassles, you’d still be faced with the issue that this dress is weirdly shapeless until she turns all the way around; from the front and the side it’s pretty much an A line, and then you get to the back and it’s all hello back and ass! We’re all for the “walking away” dress, but this is more of a “walking away, leaving puzzled expressions on everyone behind her” dress. We do like the brilliant color and wild patterns, however. In fact, take away the tassles and make it a simple A line shift and we’d be all over it, shrieking “IN! IN!” But even though we like it from the front, think the hair and makeup look cute, love the shoes, and give a standing ovation to her judicious use of props (i.e., men) in press conferences, we can’t wholeheartedly support this look.


IN! She’s a fabulous little sex pixie and she CAN make tassles work!

OUT! I can’t get this dress out of my head and it’s giving me a migraine!

The Minion Opinion on Kate Winslet’s crossword puzzle dress was OUT, with a healthy amount of dissent.

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