Miu Miu “Bijoux” Collection

Posted on May 31, 2011

Darlings, let’s take a peek in Grandma’s jewelry box. Oh wait, that’s not Grandma’s classic costume jewelry; that’s the new jewelry collection from Miu Miu. And we love it, of course. The nature of our love is threefold and we’re going to explain it to you now:

1. We adore practically everything that goofy Italian lady puts together and Lorenzo in particular will tell anyone who’s listening that she’s a genius. We also named our cat after her. In short, we’re fanboys.

2. It really does remind us of the costume jewelry our aunts and grandmothers wore when we were gaylings, which means it’s impossible for us not to love it.

3. It’s a gorgeous collection of lacquered necklaces, bracelets, brooches and earrings that owes an awful lot to midcentury costume jewelry (you could see Betty Draper and Joan Holloway wearing some of this by the early ’70s) but has a modern feel to it.

Okay, we lied; fourfold:

4. We love the busts they’re displayed on. How drag-queen fabulous are they?



[Photo Credit: miumiu.com]

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