RuPaul’s Drag Race: Singing Dolls

Posted on March 24, 2011

Why was everyone going on about his supposed talent? He’s loud, sure; and high energy, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into singing prowess.

We can’t argue with the decision to send Carmen home, but Miss Shangela should get down on her knees and praise Jesus for rendering Carmen completely talentless. This was probably the worst look she’s walked down that catwalk. That doesn’t say much for her because she had some pretty bad looks early on and should have been putting the extra attention in. Obviously, this look has almost nothing to do with country music as a genre. Sure, you’ll see country stars wearing glamorous popstar outfits, but the point of drag is to appropriate and exaggerate in a mostly satirical way, so yes, Daisy Dukes or Minnie Pearl or even Dolly Parton was the way to go here. Not Beyonce in a little cowboy hat.

We really thought the judges went a little nuts on Alexis.

To our way of thinking, she was clearly the number two performance. And look, we hate the modern drag trends of enormous latex boobs and colored contacts, but it’s not enough of a reason to trash the look. Michelle sniffed that this wasn’t hip hop and Alexis rightly came back with L’il Kim and Nicki Minaj. Plus, she worked her ass off on that stage and whipped up the crown. The bitch rapped.

The thing with this show is, and really, you have to come to terms with it if you want to enjoy it, it’s not structured like a regular reality competition. It’s Auntie Ru’s School for Girls and at the end of each semester, Auntie Ru picks her favorite. That means there are some mental gymnastics along the way in order to position the “correct” people near the top. The way they went after Alexis tells us she’s not long for this world.

Her singing was only so-so, even with the autotuning. We would have appreciated a more divatastic approach than the somewhat timid warbling she gave.

But we cannot deny the bitch brought it for the catwalk. In terms of look, this one’s right behind Raja. She just couldn’t bring it to the performance. Not that she was awful; just that she didn’t have the energy or command of the crowd that some of the others did.

Her caterwauling was painful to hear, but we couldn’t help appreciating how much she was giving it. Auntie Ru appreciates when her girls get over themselves and really put it out there. In fact, we’d go so far as to say she places more importance on that than on talent. It’s part of the reason she has such a soft spot for Shangela, who may not have the expertise, but she’s got the attitude down cold.

We realize she doesn’t go to this well as often as Carmen does, but it’s kind of odd how the judges mostly give her a free pass on the naked looks. Then again, we think she deploys them more creatively than Carmen, who’s all “look at my hot body” and that’s it. Yara’s doing a take on the kind of pop singer you’d see on a Latin American variety show. It’s got a kind of wit to it, which Carmen’s naked looks mostly lacked. Plus, once again, energy and commitment to giving it all go a long way for Auntie Ru.

Unless you’re one of the girls she’s already decided won’t win.



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