RuPaul’s Drag Race: Hit the Catwalk, Ladies!

Posted on January 26, 2011

Alexis Mateo

Pretty good from an execution standpoint; kinda bleh from a conceptual one. Not bad, exactly; just not all that imaginative. And really, is this that much classier than Venus’ tacky outfit?

Bitch needs to work on her people skills.


Carmen Carrera

Aside from tucking skills, it doesn’t really take a lot of talent or vision to be the naked girl. Especially since – we’re just gonna say it – the bod’s not all that feminine. If you can really mimic a showgirl body, then you go right ahead and be a body queen, but the nakeder she gets, the more we lapse into thinking “he.”

We do like the Jersey girl persona and the hair and makeup, though. We just don’t think she looks as good naked as she thinks.

Delta Work

We kind of love Delta. She was pretty low-key (for a drag queen), but she seems sweet and she really works her look. We thought the Kwanzaa theme was brilliant and brilliantly executed. Way to stand out, girl.

India Ferrah

Again: was this really more tastefully done than Venus’? We think not. Which isn’t to say it’s bad or anything. After all, we’re talking Drag Queen Christmas. We have to say, we don’t love her makeup and hair.

Mimi Imfurst

Bitch needs to fix herself a Midol and valium martini and calm the fuck down. She had the best idea of the bunch. Had it been executed well, she could have easily won it. Which naturally brings up the next point: How can you make it to a show like this and NOT brush up on your sewing? Or at least your hot gluing? Come on now.


She’s working a look. We didn’t give this much consideration the first time around, but the more we look at this, the more we can see a real sense of style.

Kind of a bitch, though.

Stacy Layne Matthews

Put it this way: It’s better than we thought it was going to be. Not so much because she’s big, but because she comes across so unpolished. But this wasn’t bad. It definitely could have benefited from better execution, but it has potential. She needs to jazz it up, though. That country queen schtick is only going to get her so far.


Yara Sofia

Another “body” queen, but she’s got the realness factor in her favor. The dress wasn’t bad. Love the hair and makeup but the eyes are freaky.


That is one fierce face she’s working. She’s got a great look. Unfortunately, the clothes look decidedly picked over. A good concept, though.

Manila Luzon

LUV. HUH. We take nothing away from Raja, who deserved both her win and her frontrunner status, but for our money, this is the girl to keep an eye on. Love the face; love the dress.


Hallelu, girl. You need to get your shit together. How could you think that raggedy-ass split lampshade was going to escape the judges’ notice? We get a stubborn vibe off her and she seems to stick with ideas long after they become a problem. The snowman was just dumb. Filling the skirt with lights was great, but the skirt needed to look done. The bustier was just sad. She’s lucky she’s Auntie Ru’s pet and that she aced the lip synch, because this was BAD.



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