Michael Kors Resort 2012 Collection

Posted on June 10, 2011

Michael Kors took his genius for sportswear, smashed it up with actual sporting gear, and offered his latest definition of resort wear. Inspired by his last trip to Australia, the zipped-up surf and scuba-inspired looks in neon colors make it feel like he took this chance to free himself up a little, creatively speaking. Like he wants to have a little fun when he’s not designing his chic and breezy fall and spring collections. And hey, if he wants to throw in a little animal print among the neons, who’s to say no? This is, after all, the man who said on Project Runway, “Lighten up! It’s just fashion.” He also said “Appalachian Barbie” and “stripper in Dubai” so it’s no surprise that the man knows how to take a light and fun approach.

[Photo Credit: vogue.com]

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  • Anonymous

    what happened to that girl’s big toe?

  • I wish the presentation were as light and fun as the looks. She looks like she’s going to church. 

  • I don’t approve of the fancy Tevas.

    • Anonymous

      They are quite terrible.

      • Carolyn Warfield

        RIP those effing things off her feet.  No no no no no.

  • Anonymous

    I dislike the this-is-the-face-of-anorexia poses.  Of course, MK’s not the only one.

  • I think I love the gowns with the cutouts, but I need to see backs before I can commit.  There’s a lot of room for error with cutouts.

  • the black and white trench is exquirsite and i love the last 2 dresses


      • Anonymous

        The trench is divine!

  • Jenny DeVasher

    There is no excuse for those shoes.

  • Anonymous

    I love the neoprene dresses. And wow, something even I could wear – that big striped shirt! Hate the pedal-pushers, though.

  • Jo Miller

    High waters, GAH! If his aim is to portray ugly tourists, mission accomplished.

    • Amen! I really dislike how capri’s cut the leg off awkwardly – at least for 95% of of ladies who wear them!!

  • You’re right — fun, fun, fun!

  • Tamara Hogan

    I love the green and black striped pants and skirt.

  • I’m really not a fan of this at all. The SCUBA looks are way too literal, the Tevas are weird and can’t possibly look like they justify the hefty price tag. I agree with the others who said that the poses are way too severe- it worked for the Jason Wu collection you guys posted earlier (which I LOVE) but here it looks really odd.

  • Anonymous

    with those bright colors and black and white, puts me in a MONDO type mood, dontchathink?

    • My thoughts exactly. How did THIS designer choose Gretchen over Mondo?

      • Will we ever know what strange powers La Gretch exercised over Nina and the Dutchess?

  • So…the fanny pack is now acceptable?

  • what’s with the big ass toe bandage? ruins the whole look! who styles these photo shoots?

    • Anonymous

      Maybe she cut it on a piece of coral while scuba diving in that very literal dress.

  • Anonymous

    The sandals with the same bright color as the clothing? Too matchy matchy, as Heidi would say.  

  • Not a fan of the mandals, especially on these women here, but pretty clothes!

  • The lime green dress at the end is going to look absolutely fabulous on some celebrity somewhere.

    As for the rest? ….HIDEOUS. Grandmom’s really getting a new level of tacky on.

  • I like it!  I’m never going to wear those shoes, but i’d wear about everything else!

  • Anonymous

    Scuba inspired and literal scuba outfits are two different things. Ick.

  • I predict that Blake Lively will wear that second to last black dress with the cutouts sometime soon.

    • Anne Hall

      TLo just featured someone who was wearing that – I can’t remember who! (going to look…)

      Miranda Kerr at the CFDA, posted 3 days ago – she looked good!

  • Anonymous

    Michael’s collection is right out of Mondo’s lookbook!  It seems Mondo was right on the next year’s style trends and Gretchen wasn’t; I bet Michael Kors is wishing he hadn’t defended her so staunchly.

    • When I first saw this, the first thing that came to mind was how Mondo apparently was not on trend.

  • Anonymous

    Awful. On the bright side, the cropped pants might be regular full-length on us shorter gals –  no hemming needed!

  • Loving that black coat with the white piping. Coveting as we speak….

  • Bodyglove!

    • I was about to post the exact same thing! I’m pretty sure I wore the top left neon green and black dress as a bathing suit in 1990.

    • I was about to post the exact same thing! I’m pretty sure I wore the top left neon green and black dress as a bathing suit in 1990.

      • yes, & i posted it before i read the comments. looks like he has some ‘splainin’ to do.

  • I love it but, wasn’t this the man who said that Mondo’s bright colors and patterns were circus clothes?

  • Yikes. Wayyy too pink for my tastes. And most of those shoes belong on disciples.
    However, I adore the trench, and the cuout dress that Jennifer Lawrence wore on a cover recently is KILLAH.

  • Yikes. Wayyy too pink for my tastes. And most of those shoes belong on disciples.
    However, I adore the trench, and the cuout dress that Jennifer Lawrence wore on a cover recently is KILLAH.

  • Anonymous

    THIS is what that the “inspired by surf girls/beach” challenge in PR Season X called for.


  • Anonymous

    i have to say, i’m breaking every style rule as a petite lady, but i would love to rock those pink capris with some sky high black sandals and a fitted black & white top. feels like something you would wear to dinner at a…[gasp] resort.

  • Anonymous

    Those are some reriously ugly shoes!!!!!!
    The clothes are fine, i can’t go past the shoes really…

  • MilaXX

    I like it. It looks like fun and my idea of resort wear. Not crazy about the styling on the model, especially those teva like sandals, but that;s easily fixed with a sporty ballet flat or summer sandal. Thank you Duchess for not putting leather into a resort collection.

  • Anonymous

    I really like this collection.  Most of it is totally not me, but I like the scuba suite influence.  The coat in the bottom row is the thing I covet!!

  • I need those hot pink pants like puppies need to be cuddled. 

    • sonictofu

      neons are hit or miss for me, but those pink pants are to die.

  • body glove circa 1985. not all of it, just much of it, tho i do like the pastel lime tiger stuff.

  • Anonymous

    wtf? no, no, no. i will not support the fanny packs, the literal scuba looks, or those fugly ass tevas dtm the clothes. no. no. no. those fugly shoes should only be worn for the water related sports purpose for which they were made and not school, the grocery store, the office, or for heaven’s sake the runway. no.  no. no. and what a hypocrite dissin mondo and suppporting he is not on trend statements then delivering this collection. and its not that i hate the clothes, i just can’t see beyond the fugly ass shoes!

  • Dee

    Shit is horrid.  But amusing

  • Dee

    Shit is horrid.  But amusing

  • Dee

    Shit is horrid.  But amusing

  • I seriously love that coat on the bottom row.

  • (rocking slowly) the 80’s are back the 80’s are back…NOOOOOOOOO

  • who wants pants that length??

  • Anonymous

    He got his inspiration from that neoprene dress he was orgasming over on PR a couple seasons ago.

  • kim i

    no woman looks good in slightly flared pants that hit just above the ankle except models.  other than that — nice, mostly.  the lines of the coat on the bottom left are retro and blah; maybe the details make up for it, but you can’t really tell from the photo.  sweaters and jackets are especially nice.  i particularly like his riff on chanel.

  • Whatever, I love the pants! Not that I ever WEAR pants, I abhor having them on my body, but if I wore pants, I would rock those. With expensive patterned socks (of which I have many) and creepers, or golfshoe rockinghorses. 

  • Anonymous

    I really like almost all of these looks. And it looks like actual resort wear. The silhouettes are very mod, which I love.

  • Alyson Lamble

    The lime green full-length dress is great but the zebra prints make my eyes bleed.

  • Anonymous

    I love the lines here and some of the fabrics (like the yellow/green animal pattern, amazingly enough). The Jesus-creepers are appalling, though, and it scares me to think that clueless chicks who ALREADY pair Tevas with suits will feel vindicated by the Duchess. Augh.

  • I can’t speak to the collection because I can’t see past those truly hideous shoes. 

  • Anonymous

    Boring, ugly and unflattering.  Although i do like the last two dresses a little.  That zebra print suit?!?!  She could just wear a box and look better.

  • Anonymous

    Love most of it.  But those 3/4 length pants are Scary Awful.  No one will look well in them. Hell even the model looks weird in them.

  • wasn’t the scuba-inspired collections done, like one or two years ago? i feel like i remember a few fashion magazine’s having layouts with clothes with similarly literal inspiration

  • Anonymous

    Some of this I really like. But then I like true casual sporty clothes.

  • Garbage Address

    They look like they are wearing websites from 2004. PASS.

  • Anonymous

    These look like real clothes for real women.  The shoes?  Some may think they’re fug, but I could walk in them without snapping an ankle or falling on my ass.  Kors knows how to sell clothes that women will actually buy.  That’s his gift.

    And I don’t think it’s the first time he’s ripped off a PR design.  Not too long ago, he released an entire batch of shit that channeled his inner Gretchen.

  • Lisa

    I really like this collection a lot!  

  • The last gown is nice but mostly I can’t get past that the model looks like a younger version of his Mom, with the slicked back hair and the big glasses.

  • That coat is gorgeous. seriously.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t know Kors designed exclusively for sportly lesbians…

  • Glen Coleson

    that black and white jacket about halfway down on the right is AMAZING

  • WOW I love it!!

  • Very bright and “neony” but love the black accents. I’ll take that trench coat, please!

  • Anonymous

    I would 100% wear that hot pink zebra-print swimsuit. That has the potential to be both functional and hugely flattering.

  • Anonymous

    Love it. Duchess is a genius. It’s so simple and yet so fun and inspired. I want to buy Look 8 and wear it everywhere like a uniform.

  • Anonymous

    Well….huh. I dunno about this collection. It’s fun, yet at the same time completely buttoned up and boring.  

    However, Miranda Kerr made that black dress come alive the other day, so maybe this collection will look better on the street/red carpet.

  • Anonymous

    For Kors, there’s surprisingly little here that appeals to me. Maybe that means it’s a more interesting collection than usual, my taste is not terribly sophisticated.

    I like the gold coat on the left in the right row. For a long time that coat would have been oh so dated, this year I think it’s trendy.And I like the black & white suit jacket, though who is going to wear a nice lady-like jacket like that over matching granny panties?  I think designers just get bored sometimes.

  • Anonymous

    I am an avid kayaker and my first thought was, “Finally runway couture for sea kayaking! It is what paddling adventures have been missing.”

  • Anonymous

    Now wait just one dang blasted minute.  Isn’t this the guy who voted down Mondo Guerra because Mondo’s collection of bright colors and bold prints just wasn’t “on-trend”??  I smell a hypocrite!

  • Anonymous

    Did someone say, “Mrs Peel?” These are a lot of fun. Wearable looking, too.

  • All For You Sophia

    Love the clothes, but only kinda like the shoes. But, capris need to disappear off the face of the earth. I mean, come on!