Michael Kors Resort 2012 Collection

Posted on June 10, 2011

Michael Kors took his genius for sportswear, smashed it up with actual sporting gear, and offered his latest definition of resort wear. Inspired by his last trip to Australia, the zipped-up surf and scuba-inspired looks in neon colors make it feel like he took this chance to free himself up a little, creatively speaking. Like he wants to have a little fun when he’s not designing his chic and breezy fall and spring collections. And hey, if he wants to throw in a little animal print among the neons, who’s to say no? This is, after all, the man who said on Project Runway, “Lighten up! It’s just fashion.” He also said “Appalachian Barbie” and “stripper in Dubai” so it’s no surprise that the man knows how to take a light and fun approach.

[Photo Credit: vogue.com]

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