Allison Williams, Matt Bomer, Jelani Alladin, and Noah Ricketts at the FELLOW TRAVELERS FYC Event

Posted on June 03, 2024


Those very pretty people from Fellow Travelers stepped out once again to remind all of the various awards voting bodies that they did damn good work this year.



It’s interesting to us how most of them opted for vaguely ’70s style elements. It’s right on the border of theme dressing, but none of them are actually dressed like their characters so it’s all good, we guess.


Allison Williams in Michael Kors Collection

She’s the exact right gal for Michael Kors and she’d make a great brand ambassador. She looks great. We might’ve liked a bit more jewelry but clearly, she’s deliberately keeping it all understated.


Matt Bomer

We’re tired of the monochromatic suit look and we don’t think those boots make the best choice, but as always, he looks delicious.


Jelani Alladin in Pence 1979

LOVE that he went loud and flamboyant for this. Put a pair of skates on him and he’s ready for the roller disco. The boots actually give it a more modern edge.


Noah Ricketts

Ooof. It’s a no from top to bottom. It’s a nice enough suit, but it’s giving First Holy Communion. We get that a FYC event calls for profesh and non-threatening style (as evidenced by most of the previous entries in this post), but the white shirt and matching tie are a little too conservative for our tastes and this is absolutely not the right suit for wearing kicks nor are those the right kicks for pairing with a suit.

[Photo Credit: Faye’s Vision/Cover Images]

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