A QUIET PLACE: DAY ONE Star Lupita Nyong’o is GLAMOUR’s June 2024 Global Cover Star!

Posted on June 03, 2024


Oscar winning actor and star of the upcoming prequel A QUIET PLACE: DAY ONE, Lupita Nyong’o speaks to GLAMOUR about undergoing cat therapy, the romance rumors that plagued her friendship with Jared Leto, being teased as a teenager for being dark-skinned, and speaking up for important causes including Oscars So White, Me Too, and Black Lives Matter.




On being afraid of cats and doing ‘cat-therapy’ before shooting A QUIET PLACE: DAY ONE: “I had to learn a lot about myself, about the animal, before I was comfortable to do it.”

On reflecting back on her Oscar win right after graduating from Yale Drama School: “We were prepared to be extras and little guest stars on TV shows before we would have our chance at any substantial role in the thing that we love to do. But it did not at all prepare us for instant success. And that is an overwhelming experience.”

On how romance rumors with Jared Leto plagued their friendship: “It was drawing attention away from the work. I didn’t want that sort of attention. I didn’t want all that chatter to deter from the joy I was having becoming his friend.”

On speaking up for causes including Oscars So White, Me Too, and Black Lives Matter: “There’s been a lot of amplification of things that hadn’t really been talked about before, and I definitely have been a beneficiary of many of those movements.”

On not feeling confident as a teenager and being teased for being dark-skinned: “I got teased a lot for being dark-skinned. I went to an all-girls school for elementary school, and then I switched to coed school when I was 12. So just when I was coming into myself and becoming aware of my sexuality, I was being teased a lot by boys for being dark. So I definitely wasn’t confident, but how I dealt with that was, I think I just developed my character to compensate.”

On her breakup from boyfriend Selema Masekela on Instagram last year: “I wanted to be honest. Honestly, the thought of having to update people one at a time was going to be harrowing. I had made the choice to share the relationship with the world, and I wanted to make the choice to share the end of it with the world. I knew that announcing it or sharing it with the world would mean there would be a reverb and I would have to deal with the onset of that.”

On adopting her cat Yoyo after her breakup: “This cat isn’t going anywhere. I guess the best anecdote for when you feel poorly taken care of is to take care of something. And I took care of Yoyo and he pried my heart open.”


Writer: Ariana Yaptangco
Photographer: Adrienne Raquel
Stylist: Rachael Wang
Hair: Vernon François
Makeup: Nick Barose
Manicure: Diem Truong

[Photo Credit: Adrienne Raquel for Glamour Magazine]

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