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PinBotrini’s Restaurant – Santorini, Greece


Darlings, it’s FRIDAY at last. Please take a well-earned seat.


“I’m The Happiest I’ve Been In A Really Long Time”: Sophie Turner Talks Mum-Shaming, Misogyny And Why The Best Is Yet To Come
Sophie Turner’s journey from child actor to major player, via marriage and motherhood, reads like a Hollywood fairytale. But when her personal life publicly unravelled last year, her world was shaken to the core. Ready to light up screens once more, the star speaks for the first time since her split to Chioma Nnadi about mum-shaming, misogyny and why the best is yet to come.


Cannes Red Carpet Dresses: The 75 Most Iconic Moments On The Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet
Every single one of the most iconic and beautiful dresses to grace Cannes Film Festival’s red carpet, from Rihanna and Kate Moss and Princess Diana.

Cannes Film Festival hosts the world’s most exciting new cinematic releases, and with glamorous premieres comes next level celebrity red carpet looks.
To celebrate the upcoming 2024 edition of the festival, which will be held from May 14 to 25, we’ve compiled the most iconic and drop dead gorgeous red carpet ensembles from the festival’s illustrious 78-year history. From a pregnant Blake Lively in baby blue, to a wild Madonna in lingerie, these are the best Cannes red carpet looks of all time.


Nicola Coughlan felt so empowered when she got naked for Bridgerton
“It just felt like the biggest ‘f-ck you’ to all the conversation surrounding my body.”

Nicola explained that in working with the show’s intimacy coordinator, she advocated for her own ideas about Penelope’s sex life. “I specifically asked for certain lines and moments to be included,” she told Stylist. “I felt beautiful in the moment, and I thought: ‘When I’m 80, I want to look back on this and remember how f-cking hot I looked!’”


Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski addressed the rumours that the Fab Five don’t get along
“We’re like a middle-aged boy band,” the culinary expert said of tension on set.

In a new interview, Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski opened up about the rumours that there is tension among the Fab Five, following the departure of interior designer Bobby Berk.
Speaking to Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday at the Disney/ABC Upfronts, an annual event during which networks and streamers promote their content to advertisers, Porowski said that the Fab Five “are going for dinners… and all hang out together.” However he also added, “we’ve been sharing a trailer since day one,” meaning that “sometimes, we’re not gonna get along.”


Bread & Roses is the devastating-yet-empowering documentary about Afghan women’s resistance of the Taliban
The Apple TV+ documentary is produced by Jennifer Lawrence and activist Malala Yousafzai.

After a great reception at Cannes Film Festival last year, Bread & Roses – a documentary looking at the impact of female repression by the Taliban in Afghanistan – will finally be able to stream on Apple TV+ from next month.
Produced by Jennifer Lawrence and executive produced by activist Malala Yousafzai and directed by Sahra Mani, it will look at how quickly women’s rights were stripped when the Taliban took control in 2021, including their ability to work, get an education and even appear in public without a chaperone. It’s a devastating but important watch.


I Thought Using A Wheelchair Would Hem Me In. Actually, It Set Me Free
As a girl, Lottie Mills’s cerebral palsy diagnosis meant the prospect of becoming a “wheelchair user” was never far from her mind – and something she did everything she could to avoid. More than a decade on, embracing her wheelchair has irrevocably changed her life for the better, taking her everywhere from Cambridge University, where she read English Literature, to the decks of a tall ship that carried her 800 miles across the Atlantic. Having been named the BBC Young Writer of the Year in 2020, she releases her first short story collection, Monstrum, this week, a compilation of modern fairytales themed around otherness that’s already won praise from the likes of AS Byatt. Here, in a personal essay for Vogue, she writes about how she changed her perspective on wheelchairs – and her own future in the process.


Judi Dench Bristles at Trigger Warnings in the Theater: “If You’re That Sensitive, Don’t Go”
“It’s like being told they’re all dead at the end of King Lear,” she said. “I don’t want to be told.”

For Dame Judi Dench, a trigger warning delivered to theater audiences before a performance is akin to a spoiler.
When the 89-year-old was asked by Radio Times about warning theatergoers about sensitive topics, she was seemingly surprised that they existed at all. In the interview, first published Monday evening, she told the outlet, “Do they do that? My God, it must be a pretty long trigger warning before King Lear or Titus Andronicus! Crikey, is that really what happens now?”


27 Bridgerton Filming Locations to Visit in England
Bridgerton‘s production designer shares behind-the-scenes secrets about all the British estates, parks, and more sites featured in the Netflix Regency romance.

Bridgerton is finally back, and with the new season of the Regency romance comes new filming locations. “With season three we just wanted to make everything bigger everywhere,” the show’s location manager Tony Hood said. “More color, bigger costumes, bigger locations… more everything. We wanted it bigger and better!” This is a contrast from season two of Bridgerton, where only one ball was shot on location due to COVID restriction.


The 26 Best Celebrity Bollywood Beauty Moments of All Time
Top designers, makeup artists, hairstylists, and brand founders, including Sabyasachi Mukherjee and Manish Malhotra, compile a master list

Anyone looking for beauty inspiration should take a closer look at Bollywood cinema. You don’t have to be a film devotee to appreciate the elaborate bouffants and razor-sharp cat-eye flicks worn by actors in the 1960s, or the pastel eye shadow shades and center-parted hair of the ’70s. Plus, the whimsical camp looks from the ’80s, smoky eyes in the ’90s, and bouncy blowouts of the ’00s filtered through an Indian lens prove that Bollywood has long stayed on top of global trends.


Sarah Jessica Parker Dropped Major News About Aidan in ‘And Just Like That…’
Team Aidan, get in formation.

Maybe the third time is the charm—that’s what may be in store for And Just Like That…’s Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Aidan Shaw (John Corbett). During the Warner Bros. Discovery Upfronts presentation, Parker opened up about the couple’s rekindled romance in the upcoming third season of AJLT. Fans may remember that the show’s sophomore season ended with a cliffhanger that involved Aidan’s teenage sons, and in a quick conversation with HBO CEO Casey Bloys, Parker explained that the upcoming season, which just started production and is probably going to hit Max next year, is about Carrie embracing spontaneity and romance without overthinking things.
“It’s time for her to commit more to being the relevant person she wants to be. So, what does that mean, and where might that take a person?” Parker said. “Aidan plays a somewhat significant part in the answer to that question.”


Is Sugar Waxing Really Worth the Hype? Here’s the Honest Truth
If you’re considering the more common hair removal treatments such as traditional waxing and laser, the first barrier to entry is most likely your pain threshold. As both beginners and regulars know, the universal truth is that these methods can hurt. A lot. So when something like sugar waxing starts to become more and more popular, with experts touting it as the less painful hair removal alternative, it will naturally pique anyone’s interest. But what is it exactly?


McDonald’s Is Dropping a New ‘Grandma McFlurry’ — Here’s What’s in It
There’s a McFlurry Mobile, too.

“Grandmas have always held a special place in our hearts, and today they’re having a major moment influencing culture — inspiring trends in fashion, decor, and now, even food with our newest McFlurry,” Tariq Hassan, the chief marketing and customer experience officer at McDonald’s, shared in a statement. “The Grandma McFlurry tastes like a trip down memory lane, and we’re excited to give our fans that experience while honoring the grandma figure in all our lives.”


Goldfish Is Bringing Back Its Old Bay Flavor With a Giant 10-Foot Floatie
It’s all you’ll need this summer.

On Thursday, Goldfish announced it’s celebrating the start of the best season of them all by bringing back Goldfish Old Bay Crackers and by unveiling a 10.5-foot-long pool floatie that comes complete with snack pouches specifically designed to hold your Goldfish Old Bay crackers.


‘Elizabeth Taylor: The Lost Tapes’ Review: The Legend In Her Own Words In HBO Documentary About Newly Discovered 1964 Interview – Cannes Film Festival
There have been countless books written about the immortal star Elizabeth Taylor, even some credited to her as both memoir or autobiography including 1989’s Elizabeth On Elizabeth. But a book released on January 1, 1965, probably comes closest to a pure autobiography, and the cover simply says, Elizabeth Taylor by Elizabeth Taylor. It is a by-the-numbers account of her life through her own words up until that point, but it actually was written by Richard Meryman, a journalist credited with among other things the last interview with Marilyn Monroe (published two days before her August 4, 1962, death).


Liam Neeson and Sharon Stone Express Support for Kevin Spacey’s Hollywood Return: “He Is a Genius”
The comments come after more allegations against Spacey arose in this month’s ‘Spacey Unmasked’ documentary from Channel 4.

“Kevin is a good man and a man of character,” Neeson told The Telegraph, adding he was “deeply saddened” to learn of new accusations against the House of Cards actor.
Spacey has not worked in Hollywood since several men accused him of sexual misconduct beginning in 2017. In 2022, a New York jury deemed he was not liable in the assault of actor Anthony Rapp, and last summer, he was acquitted of nine charges brought against him in London. Several other lawsuits have been dropped as well, and Spacey has denied all allegations. This month, however, 10 more men came forward with alleged abuse in Spacey Unmasked, a two-part Channel 4 documentary directed by Katherine Haywood.


The controversy over Harrison Butker’s misogynistic commencement speech, explained
Butker’s address was a textbook case of conservative sexism and homophobia.

The Chiefs have not commented on Butker’s remarks and the NFL league office distanced itself from them. “His views are not those of the NFL as an organization. The NFL is steadfast in our commitment to inclusion, which only makes our league stronger,” Jonathan Beane, the NFL’s senior vice president and chief diversity and inclusion officer, told People.
Butker’s speech advances the same agenda that the GOP has been pushing not only in its rhetoric but through policy.


How to Clean Brass and Remove Tarnish Using Common Household Materials
Get your brass pieces gleaming in no time with these expert-approved cleaning methods.

From jewelry and cookware to home décor, brass is a staple material used to make some of your favorite goods. In all of its beauty, brass requires special care to keep it clean and maintain its shine. When exposed to air and moisture, oxygen combines with the metal to form oxides on its surface—this results in the greenish color seen on tarnished, dull brass. Cleaning it can dissolve those oxides and bring back a shiny exterior, but it’s important to be careful, as going overboard with unnecessary cleaning can contribute to tarnishing, too.
To keep your brass pieces looking their best, we spoke to experts who shared their tips for how to clean brass using several effective homemade cleaning solutions.


Why Do Sunflowers Droop? Plus Expert Tips for Making Them Stand Tall
Here’s why your sunflowers are drooping—and how to fix them.

There aren’t too many plants that say summer quite like sunflowers. These bright and happy yellow blooms coincide with long days, barbecues, and corn on the cob. Yet, while these plants are a favorite of humans and pollinators alike, there’s nothing that can ruin your summer garden quite like seeing your once tall and proud sunflowers slumped over and facing the ground!
This phenomenon happens often with this plant and can be caused by a few different issues, some of which are very easy to fix. Take a look at what our expert says you need to do if you notice your sunflowers are looking a bit worse for wear.


Rom-Com Décor Is Trending—and It’s as Swoon-Worthy as You’d Expect
Designers share how to recreate this sweet and cozy look.

There’s something ultra-therapeutic about cozying up with your favorite rom-com (aka a romantic comedy)—freshly popped popcorn ready for snacking and your favorite beverage within arm’s reach. Maybe it’s the witty dialogue, the amusing misunderstandings, and the satisfying guarantee of blissful—at last!—romance before the screen fades to black. Now, what if you could decorate your home and feel like you’re living in a rom-com? Rom-com décor is not to be undersold; it might even be a great place of inspiration for your own home. Ahead, we spoke with a few experts to explain what this look entails and how to get it in your own home.


30 Easy Cake Recipes Every Home Baker Will Love
From simple loaf to snacking cakes—and everything in between.

When you need a simple dessert for a party, birthday, or just because, turn to this collection of easy-to-make and easy-to-love cakes. From coffee cakes to snacking cakes to single-layer cakes packed with fruit, our easy cake recipes are light lifts for the baker but always deliver on flavor. Some have a simple glazing or a quick frosting; others are so good-looking straight out of the pan that no decoration is needed. We recommend giving each one a try.


This Underrated Greek Island Has an Adorable Town, Incredible Food, and a Famous Shipwreck Beach — How to Visit
Here’s the ultimate guide to Zakynthos, the Ionian wonder famed for its picture-perfect Shipwreck Beach.

Instantly recognizable by its astounding luminous turquoise seas enclosed within soaring craggy bluffs, Greece’s Insta-famous Shipwreck Beach is Zakynthos’ claim to global fame. An unwavering favorite among Travel + Leisure readers, the beach, known in Greece as Navagio, frequently tops best beach lists.
Situated off the Mediterranean country’s western mainland, Zakynthos is a member of the Ionian island group, a dreamy blend of blues and greens. The seas that wash Zakynthos and its neighbors range in hue from pale aqua to teal, while the landscapes are cloaked in olive trees, numbering an estimated two million, along with pine trees, citrus orchards, and rare flowers like sea daffodils. Bougainvillea and jasmine bring vivid color and aroma to the isle which its former Venetian rulers named Fior di Levante (the flower of the East).

[Photo Credit: botrinissantorini.com]

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