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Posted on April 02, 2024



PinCamélia Tea Lounge at Carlton – Cannes, France

Light and airy on the Riviera, darlings! It’s all just waiting for you in today’s LOunge. Cast off your cares and concerns and sit on something white while drinking something pink.


Amy Poehler on Being an Airport Dad, Her Tina Fey Tour and Voicing Joy (Again)
The comedian talks to THR ahead of CinemaCon, where she’ll receive the Vanguard Award for her work on ‘Inside Out 2.’

Amy Poehler has spent much of this past year traveling around the country performing with best friend and comedy partner Tina Fey, and it gave her the chance to dig into one of her life’s passions: an airport routine. “I take my travel very seriously,” she says. “There’s a trend on TikTok where people make fun of the friend who acts like the dad at the airport, and I’m like, ‘How else does one do it?’ ” Just before she closes out the Restless Leg Tour, Poehler will swing through Las Vegas to receive the CinemaCon Vanguard Award, in honor of her starring role in the forthcoming Inside Out 2. She talks to THR about her recent work on and off the plane.


Colin Farrell on Rise of Irish Actors in Hollywood: “We Punch So Far Above Our Weight”
Last month, Cillian Murphy became the first Irish-born actor to win best actor at the Oscars.

Colin Farrell has nothing but love for his home country, saying this week that he’s proud of the recent rise in Irish actor success in Hollywood.
“I mean, we punch so far above our weight,” Farrell, a native of Castleknock, Ireland, told Entertainment Tonight. “We’re only a country of five million people and I don’t know, Irish people — just whether it’s through music, the written word, whether it’s prose poetry, film, theater.
He added that he feels his fellow countrymen share an appreciation of “the importance of story” and for “leaning into stories and meanings with which we understand ourselves and the world around us.”


Can Gen Z Even Handle Sex and the City?
The beloved HBO series is making its way onto Netflix for the first time, potentially exposing it to a whole new younger audience. One VF writer wonders whether they’re ready for it.

Ready or not, here they come. Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha are strapping on their Manolo Blahniks and strutting over to Netflix. As of April 1, all six seasons of Sex and the City are available on the streaming platform for the first time ever, which means that Netflix’s approximately 260 million subscribers now have the chance to revisit—or even meet—the famous foursome played by Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, and Kim Cattrall. And oh honey, we’re not entirely sure the masses are ready.

[…] How will Netflix viewers who lost their minds when Trevor from Love Is Blind secretly had a girlfriend react to the Carrie-Big-Natasha triangle? Will people enjoying The Gentlemen turn off their Netflix autoplay when Samantha Jones starts talking about the guy she slept with who had “the funkiest tasting spunk”? Gen Z allegedly has a more prudish relationship with sex than their elders—a generalization, for sure, but one that data suggests has at least some truth to it—and it’s not hard to believe that the show’s frank and nuanced approach to dating and relationships might be lost on the youth.


57 best love songs of all time, from Taylor Swift to Miley Cyrus
Prepare to feel every single feel.

Whether you’re in love or not, sometimes you just need one of the best love songs of all time to get all of your feelings in motion. And while music has changed immensely over the decades — months! weeks! — the overall concept of a love song has held strong through the ages.
But let’s remember that a love song isn’t necessarily about all of the good parts of a relationship. With the intoxicating feeling of being in love comes with the potential for heartbreak; and the most romantic songs are more often about those darker emotions. In some cases, unrequited love can set forth some major creative fuel. Whether it’s looking back at the good times or digging into the reasons behind a breakup, the greatest love songs of all time hit various chords.


Bubblegum nails are spring’s most-coveted mani
And we have all the inspo.

Even nail minimalists want to blow off steam sometimes – and bubblegum nails are the teensy shade shift that is keeping things cute for spring.
Sheer pink Frenchies and pale pink milk nails have become the go-to uniform of minimal girls looking for something soft and subtle, but if you want to keep the clean look while introducing a little more fun into proceedings, bubblegum nails are where it’s at.


Billie Eilish Insists She Wasn’t Criticising Taylor Swift
A backlash has been swirling over Eilish’s comments on ‘wasteful’ vinyl editions.

Last week, Billie Eilish hit headlines for her comments about vinyl records in Billboard’s recent sustainability issue. The singer-songwriter called out the ‘wasteful’ practice of releasing multiple versions of an album in different packaging in order to drive up sales.
‘I can’t even express to you how wasteful it is,’ she said in the interview. ‘It’s some of the biggest artists in the world making f**king 40 different vinyl packages that have a different unique thing just to get you to keep buying more.’


48 cute hairstyles that we’re crushing on hard right now
From baby braids to spiky buns.

It’s always handy to have a bank of cute hairstyles to fall back on whenever you want to mix up your look. We’re all about options so that you can seamlessly weave between a boho babe one day and into your grunge era the next, depending on your mood.
Likewise, we’ve sought out the cutest looks for every effort level, whether you’ve got the time to go to town on something beautiful, statement and intricate, or you need something quick, chic and foolproof to cover up the fact you skipped wash day.
From easy baby braids and cool-girl spiky buns, to dainty crops, sultry updos and extra accessories, we’ve scoured the internet to bring you the all the inspo. Here’s 48 of our favourite cute hairstyles to get you started…


I’m 34 and living at home with my parents. This is why I never plan on leaving
I moved home during the pandemic, and the cost of living crisis has kept me here. In fact, I want my boyfriend to move in, too.

“I did have my reservations about moving back in with my mum and dad at 32, but actually, it was a huge relief,” Amy says, her voice joyously animated as she walks me through all the benefits that came with her new living arrangement. “We had a family dinner every night, my mum consoled me when anxiety around Covid got too much and my dad would order a new activity every weekend for us all to try. We worked our way through at-home pottery kits, board games and even terrarium-making. And, when it all just felt overwhelming, I knew there was a home-cooked meal and a wholesome evening ahead.”


Barrel-Leg Jeans Are Officially The Denim Shape For 2024
Be it from Free People, Frame or Toteme, these are the best barrel-leg jeans for 2024 – and exactly how to wear them.

As the seasons shift and we finally bid goodbye to the dark and gloomy months, many of us resolve to make a change. Some opt for invigorated exercise regimes, while others want to take up the daily habit of reading on their commute. Me? I’m hoping to adopt a brand new jean shape this season.
Since skinny jeans died a timely death in 2016 (or, wait, are they back?), I’ve been all about the ‘Mom’ jeans, namely the mid-rise, straight-leg style of Levi’s 501s. Slim enough to feel ‘flattering’ (whatever that means) and baggy enough to read as ‘cool’, they’ve ticked my denim box for years. And, while my usual personal style idiom is: ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, another phrase is nagging me; variety is the spice of life, after all.
About eight years into my monogamous relationship with 501s, I’m considering opening my relationship to barrel-leg jeans.


15 Ultra-Modern And Stylish Wedding Cake Ideas To Inspire Your Big Day
Colourful, chic wedding cake inspiration

Choosing a cake is up there with one of the most important decisions a couple will make in the lead up to their wedding. Traditionally, a cake was a signifier of good luck and prosperity, with the newly married couple sharing the crumbs as a sign of unity.
After you’ve decided on the modern wedding dress, save the date cards and wedding shoes it’s time to start thinking about what kind of delicious and decadent food you want your guests to tuck into at the reception. For some this will involve choosing seasonal and fresh produce, whether it’s lobster, chicken or goat’s cheese tartlets, while others may opt for food that reflects their heritage, or push the boat out with cake pops, cookies, candy floss and even doughnut walls.


How To Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet
Wish you could enjoy your wedding florals longer than a day? Well, if you want a sentimental, physical reminder of your celebration, you can learn how to preserve a wedding bouquet. It’s a great way to not only hold onto the memory of that special moment but also lets you get a bit more bang for your buck out of your wedding flower budget. The process is a relatively easy one that can transform the beautiful blooms you held as you exchanged vows into a charming dried floral arrangement, a piece of art for your wall, or even a unique paperweight.


Here’s Why Some Coca-Cola Bottles Have Yellow Caps in the Spring
This Coke is different from all other Cokes.

Some Coca-Cola bottles are getting their annual spring glow-up.
Supermarket shelves are now stocked with yellow-capped Coca-Cola bottles in observance of Passover, which begins on the evening of Monday, April 22 this year. The bottles reappear every spring as shoppers stock up on Kosher for Passover groceries, signifying that these bottles of Coca-Cola aren’t quite like the others.


Velveeta Just Launched a New Hair Dye — and No, It’s Not a Prank
It’s $7.50 on Amazon.

It’s April 1, which means companies all over the world are doing the most when it comes to trying to prank us all. But Velveeta promises its newest release is anything but a joke.
On Monday, the company best known for its brightly colored cheese announced it is getting into the personal care game with Velveeta Gold, its very first hair dye. And it promised Food & Wine — over and over again — that it indeed isn’t a joke.


A 1920s Fashion History Lesson: Flappers, The Bob, and More Trends That Made the Roaring Twenties Roar
How did 1920s fashion help to make the Roaring Twenties roar? Bernice had bobbed her hair, French tennis star Suzanne Lenglen was fueling the sportif craze, the taste for all things Art Deco carried over into fashion, and Chanel had slipped women into something more comfortable—the Little Black Dress. The LBD was deemed such a closet mainstay that Vogue drew a comparison to Ford’s revolutionary Model T of 1908. In an article in our October 1, 1926 issue entitled “The Debut of the Winter Mode,” Vogue captioned a sketch of a black, long-sleeved frock that fell just below the knees: “The Chanel ‘Ford’—the frock that the world will wear is model 817 of black crepe de chine.”


The Matrix Turns 25! And Fashion Still Loves a Leather Trench
Can you believe The Matrix turned 25 this week? I certainly can’t! I was seven-years-old when the iconic movie came out, and I still vividly remember seeing it for the first time. Specifically, I was obsessed with Neo (Keanu Reeves) and Trinity (Carrie-Ann Moss)’s slick clothes from the get-go, all of which were costume-designed by Kym Barrett. Even two decades later, it’s still what I remember the most about the franchise today—those leather coats.


How did the cost of food delivery get so high?
As delivery discourse rages, don’t forget the middlemen: apps like UberEats, DoorDash, and Grubhub.

Amid this dogpile of disgruntlement, the merry-go-round of debating the value of food delivery keeps spinning. After all, some people, especially those with disabilities, rely on such services — but then, it is difficult work, and everyone ought to tip well. Another faction argues that this isn’t fair, because it’s already so unaffordable. The delivery apps themselves recede somewhat into the background, as if their existence is a given. They’re merely fulfilling a demand in the market, naturally taking a cut for themselves — two plus two equals four. Our desire to consume is seen as the problem, the having-cake-and-eating-it-too mentality of expecting affordable convenience.


Toes Out in the Workplace? You Might Want to Tread Carefully.
A sandal enthusiast wonders how much “toe cleavage” is too much for a business-casual office.

In the spring, a person’s fancy turns to thoughts of … open-toe shoes! Sandals, Birkenstocks, mules — any footwear that allows your feet, trapped for months under layers of socks and boots, to breathe a little. To feel the breeze on your bare heels and toes is to know that warmer times have arrived. Yet feet also trail a host of associations, stereotypes and prejudices.
Indeed, when it comes to the scale of fraught body parts, feet rank pretty high. They have been revered and hated throughout history — a symbol of both our rootedness and our desire to escape it, of humility, hard work and eroticism.



Piecing for Cover
At our darkest moments, why do so many of us take up quilting?

In order to feel better, we must somehow get ourselves into a less reactive state. We try to do this in a myriad of ways, some more effective than others. Some, like Darrell, try to numb their pain with alcohol. Others tune out the world and play video games for hours. Others run until they pass out from exhaustion. And many of us, it turns out, quilt.
Quilting is a craft that requires the use of the brain and the body, that involves the senses of sight, touch, sound, and smell, that requires mathematical calculation, forward planning, and rapt attention.


50 Terrible Movies by Great Directors
Cinematic disasters Hollywood’s greatest geniuses would love to forget — starring Martin Scorsese, Clint Eastwood, David Fincher, and more

SHOW US A director who never created at least one genuine turkey of a movie, and we’ll show you a director with an extremely short career. There’s simply too many things that can go wrong once a movie goes into production: The budget can get slashed, filming might start before the script is finalized, key actors could drop out, and the studio could meddle in all sorts of irksome ways.
That’s why titans of cinema like Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, Steven Spielgerg, James Cameron, and Ridley Scott all have at least one movie they wish they could erase from their IMDB page.


Mirin Packs an Umami Punch—Here’s How to Use It in Everything From Stir-Fries to Marinades
Here’s what to know about this Japanese ingredient, from its unique flavor to cooking tips.

Sauces and flavorings packed with umami are among the hallmarks of Japanese cuisine. While everyone is familiar with soy sauce and sesame oil, the same can’t be said of another key ingredient in Japanese recipes: mirin, a Japanese rice wine. Ahead, we explain why you should make this special condiment a pantry staple in your kitchen and the different varieties available, plus suggestions for dishes highlighting mirin’s sweet, distinctive flavor.


4 Easy Ways to Unclog Any Drain, According to Experts
Learn how to unclog a sink, fix shower and tub drains, identify a drain blockage you can fix yourself, and more.

The drains in your home, be it the kitchen sink or bathtub, can handle a lot. But over time, grease, hair, and other debris can build up and cause clogs. If you’re currently dealing with this issue, don’t call your plumber just yet. There are a few simple DIY techniques you can use to unclog the drains, from simple tools you can find at any hardware store to cleaning solutions you can make at home.


25 Best Mother-daughter Trips Around the World
No matter their age and the challenges that come with it, you’ll never regret traveling with your child.

In my child-free 20s, I was teaching in Los Angeles and saving my pennies so that I could backpack abroad during my summers off. My love of travel started then — riding in the back of a pickup truck from Latacunga to the Quilotoa Loop in Ecuador, marveling at the size of China’s Great Wall as I traversed it at Mutianyu, and wandering the snowy alleys of Takayama, Japan, in search of incredible ramen.
Looking back, I see what a wildly charmed decade of my life that was. And once I had children — two daughters, now 10 and three — I was determined to keep some of that charm around.

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