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PinLe Rouge Brasserie – Stockholm, Sweden

It’s THURSDAY! Let’s run away and join the circus! Do you know Tom has a family member who literally did that and let’s just say it wasn’t the best life plan? Anyway, let’s indulge in the fantasy a little. Pick a trapeze artist and make them your lover for the day.


Rihanna Is Ready to Confess
Okay, so it’s the night after the last day of Milan Fashion Week and I’m at a giant arena on the outskirts of Milan to interview my former boss, Rihanna, for our Spring cover story. I walked in and there were, like, 50 dancers rehearsing for a one-off private show she was doing in India later that week. Songs like “Work” and “We Found Love” were reverberating through the space in a really intense way that took me back to when I was her stylist. When you’re in an empty arena and the music is pumping like that, the whole place starts shaking and you realize the magnitude of megastardom—but I wasn’t stressed about it. I was just there to get this interview done. At 3 a.m. Rihanna and I ducked behind some lush curtains that opened up to a really comfortable backstage setup. We took off our shoes, got cozy, and for the next 90 minutes, she gave Interview her all.


Do queer roles really need to be played by queer actors?
Paul Mescal, Josh O’Connor and Jacob Elordi are a few of the straight actors who have recently been accused of going ‘gay for pay’, prompting a widespread debate about queer representation

It’s a Hollywood cliche that, for a straight male actor, playing a gay role is a shortcut to an Oscar (alongside starring in a film about the Holocaust, disability or mental illness). There have been many prominent examples (Tom Hanks won Best Actor for playing a gay man with AIDS in Philadelphia (1993), Sean Penn for starring in a biopic about gay civil rights activists in Milk), but if such a strategy exists, it’s no longer as viable today: it certainly didn’t out for Bradley Cooper this year, whose performance as Leonard Bernstein in Maestro was snubbed, or Paul Mescal, who wasn’t even nominated for All of Us Strangers.


‘Monopoly’ Movie in the Works From Margot Robbie and Lionsgate
It’s unclear how Robbie and company plan to spin a narrative story from the two-dimensional world of Monopoly. (Who will portray the game’s mascot, Rich Uncle Pennybags? Will they pass Go? Will they collect $200?) It’s no surprise, though, as to why Lionsgate thought of them to take on the challenge. LuckyChap recently produced a little blockbuster called “Barbie,” which was based on the beloved Mattel doll and became the highest-grossing movie of 2023 with $1.4 billion globally.


Who plays Freddie in Ripley? Introducing Eliot Sumner
And where you’ve seen the talented actor-musician before.

If you’ve dipped your toe into the seductive, dangerous waters of Netflix’s new adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s famous novel, you, like us, probably went straight to Google to find out who plays Freddie in Ripley.
As fans of the novel and the 1999 cult classic know, Freddie plays a crucial role in the glamorous, deadly saga of Tom Ripley. In the 1999 film, he is played by Philip Seymour Hoffman — his arrival sees him careening a red convertible into an Italian piazza, and, naturally, it’s become something of a meme over the years. Seymour-Hoffman’s acclaimed turn as Freddie was all machismo and bravado and charm.
In the new Netflix series, however, newcomer Eliot Sumner brings a welcome understated magnetism to the role, offering up a quieter, calmer, more enigmatic rendering of the pivotal character. Naturally, we all want to know more about him.


It’s two weeks until I get married—as an editor, here’s every beauty treatment I’ve had in preparation
I’m not proud of it

I know you’re here to read about the wedding beauty treatments I’ve had, but before we get into that, I want to make one thing clear: I am not someone who has made my wedding my entire personality. Have I spent hours looking at wedding make-up inspiration and the best wedding hair looks? Yes. Did I have my wedding-day perfume determined before I even got engaged? Also yes. But, for the most part, I like to think I’ve been pretty chilled about it all—I bought the first wedding dress I saw online, I wanted my bridesmaids to pick their own outfits and I’ve decided against having a hairstylist on the day.
Truth be told, I’ve always considered the pressure of needing to ‘look your best’ for your wedding archaic and, frankly, a bit toxic.


Pink jelly glaze nails have been signed off for summer, and we have the exact shade combo
Hailey Bieber’s manicurist showed us how it’s done.

The glazed nail phenomenon continues, because honestly, we’re still not over pretty pearlescent manicures. Now, Hailey Bieber’s nail artist has given us ‘pink jelly glaze nails’ for a spring-summer update.
Hailey first made her now-signature ‘glazed donut nails’ famous when she wore them to the 2022 Met Gala, the OG rendition kept the base closer to a classic French manicure with a sheer, milky nude that was then topped with chrome, but the latest spin taps up a much more blushed pink colour palette, ready for the return of ‘strawberry girl summer’.

As Bridget Jones 4 announces Leo Woodall is joining the cast, here’s everything we know so far
The One Day star joins Renée Zellweger and Hugh Grant.

When many millennials think of ultimate rom-com, one film often springs to mind: Bridget Jones’ Diary. And now, we’re in for another dose of Bridge, as a fourth film is officially on its way – and and the casting line-up is looking pretty impeccable. We won’t keep you wondering. Renée Zellweger, Hugh Grant and Emma Thompson are returning to the film franchise, with Chiwetel Ejiofor and One Day’s Leo Woodall joining the cast, too.


Five Of The Best Hotels In Milan
From retro boutique finds to chic minimalist stays, here are the very best hotels to stay in Milan.

As one of the world’s fashion and design capitals, there are few cosmopolitan cities quite like Milan that offer such a richness of history, be it architecture, art or style. Whether you’re a Milan Fashion Week fan or not, a visit to the city is well worth it.
Unsurprisingly, given Milan’s grandeur and luxury, there’s no shortage of hotels of all calibres to match the metropolis’ renowned reputation. From hidden natural havens tucked away in the city centre, to rooftop pool bars and outdoor courtyards which feature Michelin restaurants, there’s something for everyone.


Producer Sam McAlister Reveals Why Prince Andrew Thought the BBC Newsnight Interview “Had Gone Brilliantly”
“I call it royal delusion.”

“Prince Andrew is in a really invidious position because effectively what he’s been told all his life is that he’s amazing, he’s brilliant. He’s never had to pay for anything. He’s never had a job interview. He’s never had a 360—you know, he’s not been knocked back in life. So he has an extraordinary capacity for misunderstanding his own capabilities. I call it ‘royal delusion,’ but it’s something you see in major companies with CEOs, with bosses. It’s not just Prince Andrew, but his was the most extreme example because to get to the end of that interview and think it had gone well, not only did he think it had gone well from the beam on his face, he clearly thought it had gone brilliantly,” the real-life McAlister, who also served as a producer on Scoop, tells Town & Country.


Jane Fonda and the Art World Take On Big Oil
The actress and activist co-hosted an event in L.A. to raise money to protect communities near drill sites in California, with a performance by John Legend

Gagosian’s Bevery Hills outpost played host on Tuesday night to a benefit, co-hosted by the Jane Fonda and mega-gallerist Larry Gagosian, with a special performance by John Legend, to support a campaign to protect frontline communities in California from the harmful effects of oil drilling.
Organized in collaboration with Christie’s, the event featured an exhibition of works donated by a starry list of contemporary artists—Charles Gaines, Alex Israel, Marilyn Minter, Christina Quarles, Nathaniel Mary Quinn, Ed Ruscha, Catherine Opie, and Hank Willis Thomas among them—to fund the Campaign for a Healthy and Safe California, which Fonda is helping to spearhead.


The Jewelry I Wear to Help Me Grieve
The pieces we wear tell our stories, and I wanted mine to feel more honest.

Every day, I wear the same necklace. It’s a gold chain with a charm on it: the letter A in blue enamel for my first child, Adar, who is now almost 7. When I gave birth to my second child this past summer, I went to pick out a matching charm to add to the necklace, an N for Naomi.
Something about it felt off, though.


20 Bright and Sunny Orange Nail Designs
Some nail colors are classic. Red, pink, white—we regularly see these shades woven into everyday manicures. A hue that’s less common? Orange. As firm believers that every color of the rainbow can make for a stunning nail look, we set out to find a variety of unique (and easy to recreate) bright and sunny orange nail designs. Our first stop? Straight to the pros.
“A classic French or ombré orange nail is beautiful with a nude shade for contrast,” says Nailing Hollywood artist LaTara Haye. “Marble nails are another great option and can be mixed with many other colors. Then there are the seasonal orange nail looks, like citrus fruits.” But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Ahead, find 20 sunny orange nail looks to brighten up your spring mani.


7 Spring Hair Colors That Are Trending This Season
From buttery blonde to spiced cacao.

Spring is all about new beginnings—but for your hair, the season is more of a bridge. Springtime hair hues reflect the season’s renewal and vibrancy while providing a smooth, seamless aesthetic transition from winter to summer. For this reason and more, this year’s trending shades are all about play, lightness, and less is more. “The vibe is enhancement, achieved through both subtle and bold changes,” says hairstylist Illeisha Lussiano, owner of Soho’s The Way. Quieter colors include tawny, cookie brondes, and pale gingers, while spring’s bolder notes come via soft near-blacks scattering of muted (even frozen) “fantasy colors” that rival fruits and flowers.


Is This 19th-Century French Wedding Tradition Making a Comeback?
Twenty-five years ago, just after John Derian moved to New York, something shiny caught his eye in a store window on Lafayette Street: an ornate glass cloche, filled with gilded flowers and fruits sat upon a red pin cushion. “I was like, what is that?” The decoupage artist wandered in to find out. The shopkeeper explained it was a globe de mariée—or, a 19th-century French decorative shrine made for a couple’s wedding day. “It was beautiful,” Derian says.


What Does a Wedding Planner Actually Do?
After the rush of getting engaged, the realization quickly hits most couples that they have a major life event—and party—to organize. At this point, they may be considering hiring a wedding planner, and asking themselves: What does a wedding planner actually do? While minds might turn to J. Lo’s classic rom-com or Martin Short’s character in Father of the Bride, a wedding planner does way more than what you have seen on screen. In addition to ensuring your ceremony and reception run smoothly, they can serve as a creative design team, a project manager for all vendors, and a financial manager for your budget.


There’s a New Tiny Tomato in Town, and It’s In-Season All Year Long
I’ll take 100.

Oh, you thought you tried all the tomatoes that ever existed? Well, boy oh boy, do we have some news for you.
Oishii, a vertical farming company, recently unveiled its latest creation, the Rubī Tomato, which it promises is a sweet treat.
“True to its name (Rubī means ‘ruby’ in Japanese), this jewel-like tomato has a bright red, shiny, and delicate skin, encasing a juicy center bursting with flavor,” the company shared on its website about its latest creation.


My Mom Makes Soup at Least Once a Week, and She Swears By This Genius Tool
It’ll save you so much time.

While it may feel like summer on the East Coast, I’m spending the beginning of spring with my parents in Colorado, where it snowed 6 inches just last week. On a recent, particularly chilly afternoon, we decided to warm up with a bowl of homemade tomato soup. My mom whipped up a restaurant-quality batch swiftly and seemingly effortlessly, turning roasted tomatoes, herbs, onions, and garlic into a liquid delicacy.
I’ve always wondered how my mom makes cooking look so easy — and as it turns out, the answer lies in one simple, handheld tool.


The Renegade Director Reclaiming Amy Winehouse’s Soul
Director Sam Taylor-Johnson has faced her own pain and tabloid scrutiny. Now the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ helmer is wresting Winehouse’s story from victimhood and reasserting the independence she revealed in her music in the biopic ‘Back to Black.’

Winehouse’s story has been told before, in tabloid photographs of her stumbling barefoot through London streets, in multiple books and in the 2015 Oscar-winning Asif Kapadia documentary Amy, which starts with a home movie of her singing as a precocious 14-year-old and ends with footage of her funeral. What people hadn’t done much of, it seemed to Taylor-Johnson, was try to understand Winehouse through the autobiography she composed herself — her songs.


Language doesn’t perfectly describe consciousness. Can math?
Even the most poetic words can’t capture the full richness of our minds. So scientists are turning to numbers.

The idea that language is a clumsy, imperfect tool for capturing the depth and richness of our experiences is ancient. For centuries, a steady stream of poets, philosophers, and spiritual practitioners have pointed to this indescribability, the difficult fact that our experiences are ineffable, or larger than what words can communicate.
But as a frenzy of developments across AI, neuroscience, animal studies, psychedelics, and meditation breathe new life into consciousness research, scientists are devising new ways of, maybe, pushing our descriptions of experience beyond the limits of language.


America is full of abandoned malls. What if we turned them into housing?
Converting malls could create hundreds of thousands of badly needed homes.

“As affordable housing needs and costs keep going up and a shortage of available vacant land is growing, why not use what we already have?” Casciani said. “Why not creatively turn it around from being a blight on the community to an asset?”
Across the country, policymakers, researchers, and real estate developers are paying more attention to mall conversions like the one in Irondequoit as they grapple with their own shortage of affordable housing. While the Irondequoit Mall was a traditional mall, strip malls in particular offer some unique advantages, like big empty parking lots, that could make housing redevelopment an easier task.


Yes, You Can Wash Cast Iron: 5 Big Kitchen Myths, Debunked
A veteran food journalist digs into some common misconceptions about salting pasta water, browning meat and more.

Food myths come from many sources, and American cooks (including me) have swallowed lots of them. Some of them used to be truths, like the notion that you should eat oysters only in “R” months. (Before refrigeration, shellfish were safer to eat in the winter.) Some come from restaurant kitchens, like the rule against washing mushrooms. (When you’re ready to use them, it’s perfectly fine to rinse off the dirt. Just don’t store them after washing; they will spoil once wet.) And some just derive from superstition, like the idea that brown eggs are healthier than white ones. (They are identical inside the shell; the color is determined by the hen’s feathers.)
The five notions below are the ones I’ve believed in the longest — and been most mystified by. I consulted the latest studies, called up experts, bought two extra rice cookers and tracked down farmers to find out once and for all: truth or myth?


I Hate Running. I Trick My Brain Into Doing It Anyway.
When your mind hates running even more than your body does, you have to strategize.

It’s common knowledge in my household that Monday at 5:55 a.m. is the worst time of the week. That’s because Monday is a running day, and I hate running.
I have always hated running. In elementary school, I dreaded the mile run test and was always in the back with my fellow gym class rejects. In college, I was the only baseball player who could stretch a double into a single.


How to Deep Clean Your Home in One Day—Plus, an Hourly Schedule to Help You Stay on Track
Use our schedule if you’re short on time, but still want to enjoy the results of a thorough deep clean.

One of the hardest things about deep cleaning your home is setting aside the time to do it. Giving each room the attention it needs can take hours—time you may not have if you need to tackle multiple rooms. But believe it or not, it is possible to give your home a thorough clean in just one day. It’s all about creating a manageable schedule you can stick to. Instead of scrambling to find an elusive window of time, block off an entire day to refresh your home from top to bottom using our hour-by-hour cleaning schedule.


How to Eat Sardines—and Really Enjoy Them
Experts share how to find the tastiest sardines and easy ways to serve them, including grilling them or making tacos.

Tinned fish is having a moment. And while that moment may feel like it originated from 2020-era prepping and stocking up on nonperishables, tinned fish has actually been a staple for centuries in many parts of the world. Tinned fish—which includes all types of cooked and canned seafood, such as sardines, anchovies, mackerel, octopus, clams, and even good old tuna fish—can be a versatile, practical, frugal or luxury item to add to your pantry. And sardines can be the star of your tinned fish collection, which, like any good collectible, pretty much never spoils.


How to Cut Cilantro, Whether You Need a Little or a Lot
Handle whole bunches of herbs like a pro with these quick tips.

Cilantro is as divisive as a herb can be, but we are big fans. Its flavor is bold, fresh, and slightly sweet. In short, cilantro is 100 percent unique. If use it in savory recipes, it’s important to know how to cut cilantro quickly and effectively. You’ll notice that most recipes call for cilantro leaves, but the stems are edible as well. In fact, the cilantro stems often have an even more fresh and intense flavor than the leaves.
It’s a staple in countless cuisines, cilantro is used in Indian, Latin American, and many Asian cultures to name just a few. So whether you’re using cilantro as a fresh garnish or cooking something where it’s the main ingredient, follow these steps and perfect your slicing techniques (leaves and stems included).


21 Beautiful Places to Visit in Arizona — From Stunning National Parks to an Underground Restaurant
From must-visit Grand Canyon National Park to lesser-known sights around the state, these are the best places to visit in Arizona.

Arizona’s landscapes are nothing short of stunning. Towering buttes meet hills covered with saguaro cacti, and red rock canyons hide towering waterfalls. The otherworldly landscape — that often feels better suited for Mars than our planet — is grounded by what has become Arizona’s other great draw: the proof of human history found in the sites and settlements of Ancestral Puebloans. These archaeological sites, which include cliff dwellings, sandstone homes, and petroglyphs, dot the state, offering a reminder of the people who came before.

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