Posted on July 05, 2023


The hardest-working cast members (side-eyeing Rebecca Ferguson right now) of Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One continue their world promotional tour with director Christopher McQuarrie. They appear to have settled into something of a style pattern. From the left: British dandy, weird mini-dress, rumpled, va-va-voom. They’ve all stuck pretty closely to those looks throughout the tour.

Tom Cruise

As we always say, it’s fine; rumpled and boring, but fine. Personally, we think if he’s going to stick to conventional menswear he should wear a tie, if only because he looks better in one.


Pom Klementieff in Alexandre Vauthier

She seems to have a real knack for picking really hot cocktail dresses that suit her perfectly and then pairing them with the worst possible footwear choice. We’re all for being a little unexpected, but certain styles call for certain styles and that shimmery frock in no way calls or asks for a pair of gigantic shit-kickers.


Simon Pegg

Putting aside the velvet and sparkly buckles, this style reads “parking valet” just a little too much for our tastes. We do appreciate the choices, and we can’t say they look bad on him, but we wonder if he shouldn’t have opted for a less uniform-like shirt and tie.


Hayley Atwell in Cong Tri

We’d like to say she had us until we got to the Clarabelle Cow pumps, but to be honest, our eyes stopped at that overly fussy bodice. We don’t expect every dress to be body-con, but this one looks like it’s a size too large on her.




[Photo Credit: Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures]

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