2023 Cannes Film Festival: Maya Hawke in Prada at the ASTEROID CITY Premiere: IN or OUT?

Posted on May 24, 2023

Maya Hawke hoiks her way onto a Cannes red carpet and we have both reservations and a little bit of unasked-for advice.


First, the advice. We have no doubt that a major red carpet situation such as you’ll find at the Cannes Film Festival, where hundreds of photographers and gawkers will be begging you to pose for pictures, is an overwhelming experience. We have no doubt that an actor who’s unused to that attention might be tempted to perform her way through the experience. But it really is just for the best if you stand there and pose somewhat sedately, like a beauty queen. Sure, it’s silly, but the result will be a series of pictures where you look fabulous if not downright professional instead of frantic, self-conscious or nervous.

Now, as for the ensemble, we’re very much torn on it. Lorenzo doesn’t like it at all, but he admits that the posing annoyed him to the point where he’s willing to throw it out to a vote. Tom thinks it’s a slightly goofy combination and he’s not really convinced the pairings work, but the idea behind it feels modern and well suited to her and he likes the color story. The final call is up to y’all.

Maya Hawke’s Classic-With-a-Twist:

IN or OUT? 


Style Credits:
Prada Olive Green Tec Satin Dress with Distinctive Neckline and Structured Skirt Paired with Light Blue Leather Gloves
Prada White Patent Ankle Boots


[Photo Credit: : IPA/INSTARimages]

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