Oscars 2023 Nominees Luncheon Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on February 14, 2023

We had to single out Angela Bassett, Michelle Yeoh and Michelle Williams for various reasons, both good and bad, but the rest of the attendees of the Oscar Nominees Luncheon didn’t do too badly either, except for the ones who did badly, that is. Come with us on a journey of judgment, darlings.


Austin Butler in Giorgio Armani

It’s a gorgeous suit, but we’d like to see him get away from this style once this campaign is over. We admire how well and how consistently he’s worked this sort of sleazy chic style for the last year, but the returns are diminishing.


Bill Nighy

Acceptable. What? Like we’re going to nitpick him? This is fine. His hair looks great.



Brendan Fraser

Also acceptable, although in his case, we still hold out hope that he’ll loosen up just a little bit. There are much better, more interesting and flattering options available to him.



Brian Tyree Henry

He never fails to deliver a full head-to-toe look that can’t be confused for anyone else’s. We could quibble with the details but at this point, we’re really impressed by the consistency.


Cate Blanchett in Lanvin

She can work this in her sleep, and we wouldn’t suggest it looks bad, but it feels a little too “high-powered executive.” Granted, that probably makes good career sense for a networking event on this level. We wish we could say we like the color, but we’re just not feeling it for her.


Colin Farrell

Acceptable. We’d swear we’ve seen this exact outfit on him a half dozen times before. We’re sorry to report that we sense a distinct pendulum shift toward traditional menswear again.


Hong Chau in Dries Van Noten

We had a minor disagreement over this one. Lorenzo loves it, but Tom thinks the prints don’t coordinate at all.


Jamie Lee Curtis in Alexander McQueen

Another one serving executive realness, although this is way more of a Jamie go-to style. We may have even seen this suit before, but we don’t think so. It’s gorgeous on her.



Ke Huy Quan

We see your watch, sir. Nicely done. In fact, this whole look is great, Love the color of that jacket. The big shoes make it feel a little fresher. We just aren’t completely in love with the t-shirt.



Kerry Condon in Christian Dior

It’s giving Grace Kelly and we can’t see any reason to argue with that. She’s clearly not the showy sort, but a little more emphasis on jewelry would be great here.



Paul Mescal in Gucci

Some guys are just made for this sort of look. The problem is that most guys who attempt this sort of look don’t fall into that group. He looks hot. We just wish the jacket and pants weren’t so long.



Stephanie Hsu in Thom Browne

There’s a little bit too much going on with the design and the bow tie is giving cater waitress, but somehow, this is looking really cute on her.



Tom Cruise in Brioni

Credit where it’s due: that is a really fine, well-made suit.



[Photo Credit: Michael Yada/©A.M.P.A.S., JC Olivera/Getty Images]

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