Dior Homme Fashion Show Front Row

Posted on January 23, 2023

The hommes came out in fits that ranged from dubious to eye-popping at the Dior Hommes show in Paris. Let’s ignore all the cheek-sucking and assess the looks, shall we?


Adam DiMarco

No matter how cute, hot or young the guy is wearing it, this is never going to stop looking like octogenarian clothes. You just can’t make it look cool or chic.

Cruz and David Beckham

Oh, are they releasing another ridiculous Posh-Beckham child into the wild? We look forward to his future career endeavors and hope someday he can afford to  get his pants hemmed. Dad looks great.

Eddie Redmayne

It’s okay, but the color is awful. We’re starting to think the buttoned-up tieless look is looking incredibly dated. It’s been done to death at this point.

J Balvin

From the knees up, it’s giving ’90s office manager. If you’re a guy who opts to wear a skirt, you should try not to look like you got your outfit at Ann Taylor or whatever. Give it a little edge, make it a little more femme. Do ANYTHING with it but this.


See? Now that’s unexpected and has a little edge to it. The footwear is silly, but the outfit is pretty fabulous.


God, these dull-ass neutrals are kind of terrible. He looks good in it, but we’re going to hate this trend sooner rather than later. Love the boots.

Manu Ríos

Meh. We appreciate the shot of color, but this is too generic for such a pretty wearer.

Miguel Ángel Silvestre

It’s not fresh, but there’s no way in hell we’d argue with any of it.

Robert Pattinson

Attaboy. We love this big weirdo.




[Photo Credit: Courtesy of Dior, Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images for Christian Dior]

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