THE MENU Star Anya Taylor-Joy for British Harper’s Bazaar Magazine

Posted on November 10, 2022

With her unwavering commitment to creativity, Anya Taylor-Joy now has Hollywood and the fashion world at her feet. Anya Taylor-Joy stars on one of Harper’s Bazaar’s five special-edition Women of the Year 2022 covers.



“I think I struggle with the idea of people being interested in me as a person, because that’s not what I put out there,” she says, adding that she had to be “talked into” getting social media. She felt similarly anxious about going on the red carpet in the early years of her success, before realising the solution was to view each appearance as a fresh performance challenge. “If I make it about myself, that’s when I start to panic, whereas if it’s an art form, it’s so much easier,” she explains.

“I’m lucky enough to work with people who are as obsessively creative as I am, and we build whole narratives together. That makes it fun, because I’m an artist, and making art is all I want to do.”


[Photo Credit: Georges Antoni/British Harper’s Bazaar Magazine]

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