Catherine, Princess of Wales at South African President Cyril Ramaphosa State Visit Ceremonial Welcome

Posted on November 22, 2022

Princess Cathy had her first big important state visit appearance since her graduation, as we like to call it. She joined her husband Prince William to welcome South African president Cyril Ramaphosa and then joined King Charles and Queen Camilla in an official welcoming ceremony. She wore the full royal drag, as we like to call it.


We knew she’d never completely give up her coatdresses. She’s not what we’d call a style icon, but this is definitely her signature look and probably the most influential in terms of affecting sales and trends. As always, the slight mismatch of the shoes bugs and we find ourselves thinking it needs to be a shade or two further away from the coat in order to really work. We also tend to think pillbox hats don’t work all that well with long hair worn down, but that’s just us. She looks good, if not necessarily surprising. We talked quite a bit in our recent podcast on Princess Diana’s style about how we don’t think Kate or Meghan use their fashion to send messages or pay homages as much as the royal fashion press likes to assume. But state appearances and jewelry? That’s a different matter entirely. Royals don’t really send messages in their clothing (with the exception of Diana) when they have access to a much more powerful language with a much longer lineage: royal jewels. She’s wearing the Collingwood pearl earrings that belonged to Princess Diana, which she’s worn many times before. But she’s also wearing the Prince of Wales Feather Brooch. The press has already claimed this as a tribute to Diana (to whom it once belonged), but we think that’s incredibly short-sighted. After all, Camilla wore it in her time as the Duchess of Cornwall (and technically also the Princess of Wales). Kate wore it for the brooch’s long lineage predating and post-dating Diana, going all the way back to its first bearer Princess Alexandra in 1863. She wore it because she’s now the bearer of that title.

Style Credits:
Alexander McQueen Purple Coatdress
Sean Barrett Hat
Mulberry Clutch
Gianvito Rossie Shoes


[Photo Credit: PA Images/ Images]

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