Pop Style Opinionfest: The Iconic Style of Princess Diana

Posted on November 18, 2022

Yes, it’s time for these two fashion queens to do a little deep dive on the biggest fashion icon of them all. And since we paid for all of the pictures in the above collage, you get to look at them in full:



It might seem like there’s nothing left to say about the previous Princess of Wales’ style, but you know us, kittens. We always find a few things to say. Spurred on by the fifth season of The Crown and how it got so many things wrong about the Princess, we give our take on exactly why Diana is considered so iconic, how she used clothes to tell the story of her life, and why it’s a fool’s errand attempting to find similar depths of meaning in the style efforts of other royals. She was singular and we’ll explain why that is.

PLUS: Why his season of The White Lotus sucks so much and whether or not you should watch Tom’s latest obsession, 1899:





A full cornucopia of opinions on matters of style and pop culture, just as it says on the box. Thank you for listening, dolls!

[Photo Credit: InstarImages – Video Credit: HBO/YouTube, Netflix/YouTube]

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