Laura Dern and Hugh Jackman at the New York Screening of THE SON

Posted on October 25, 2022

Here are some nice-looking movie stars in pretty decent outfits for you to judge. Why be coy about it?



See? Nice-looking people in inoffensive but flattering ensembles. Let’s celebrate that. Or even better, let’s find things to nitpick!



Honestly, we can’t find a thing to be bitchy about here. The sleeve situation is a little weird and we don’t love turtlenecks on dresses (or most other places, for that matter), but the style and colors really suit her. Seems a little heavy for the weather this week, but maybe she gets chilly. It’s a sharp, photogenic look that suits her.



This is why we hate three- or worse, four-button jackets: they always look too buttoned up, even when they’re not fully buttoned. It’s fine; just one of those things that sets off eyelid twitches in us. It doesn’t help that his jacket is over-buttoned while his shirt is underbuttoned. We realize you’re getting yourself back in Wolverine shape because Ryan Reynolds finally waved a big enough check at you, but you can keep the chest a little more under wraps for an outfit like this. There. See? THAT’S how you find things to nitpick.




Style Credits:
Laura Dern: Christopher John Rogers Dress | Delfina Delettrez Jewelry
Styled by Alexandra Mandelkorn


[Photo Credit: Marion Curtis/StarPix for Sony Pictures Classics/ Images – Video Credit: Sony Pictures Classics/YouTube]

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