Julia Roberts in Greta Constantine at the TICKET TO PARADISE Los Angeles Premiere

Posted on October 19, 2022

Just as we mentioned that Julia Roberts has a go-to look, she went ahead and wore something completely outside her wheelhouse. If we were more suspicious, conspiracy-minded sorts, we might think she was just screwing with us. How else to explain this sudden shift from sober, menswear-inspired looks to a style we’d never in a million years predict for her: Barbie Princess realness.


It’s breaking our brains a little, to be honest; so much so that we’re almost ready to give it a total thumbs-up, even though we don’t like this style of dress and we think the Barbie Pink trend is way overplayed. It was the neckline that snapped us out of it. We might have enjoyed this as a style swerve coming from her, but the plunging neckline (which really isn’t her thing) screws up the proportions a little. Having said that, we like seeing her play around with her fashion and loosen up a bit. We wouldn’t mind seeing her indulge in more colorful, playful looks like these. The earrings are gorgeous. But we’d be remiss in our duties if we didn’t note that Julia Roberts sporting flat hair is simply a mistake that shouldn’t happen again. That’s like forcing her to smile with her mouth closed.



Style Credits:
– Customized Greta Constantine Hot Pink Taffeta Gown Featuring Puffed Shoulders, V-neckline and Tiered Skirt from the Spring 2021 Collection
Chopard Jewelry

Styled by Elizabeth Stewart | Hair by Serge Normant | Makeup by Genevieve Herr


[Photo Credit: Xavier Collin/ABACA/INSTARimages.com/Cover Images, Carlos & Alyse/Courtesy of Greta Constantine]

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